Connie Nam, founder and CEO of Astrid & Miyu.

Jewellery brand launches accelerator programme for retail startups

The owner of a London-based jewellery company has launched a new mentoring programme to support independent retail businesses with expansion.

Connie Nam, founder and CEO of Astrid & Miyu, has launched a three month business accelerator programme to support retail brands looking to scale up.

Connie explained: “Launching Astrid and Miyu was a lonely journey – literally because I was working on my own and figuratively because nobody could really understand what I was going through.

“We are lucky that the business we are in a strong position and will survive the current crisis, but it struck me how much kindness and resilience we have seen for our customers, suppliers and network and as a result of the pandemic.

“I wanted to give back and that led me to launch the Astrid & Miyu Business Accelerator Programme so I can share my experience and help young business founders navigate this uncertain period.”

Collagin’s co-founder Liz Beswick, whose gin brand is modelled on fashion and lifestyle brands, added: “I jumped at the chance to be involved in this initiative. By generously offering up her time, contacts and skills, Connie is not only opening doors for us but also changing our mindset, approach and goals.”

Ariadna Pui, co-founder of AMZA agreed: “During this uncertain time, Connie’s inspiring story, experience and generosity is proving to be invaluable for us.”

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