Local Mum Races for iTunes Chart Top Spot as She Creates Popular Business Advice Podcast from her Attic

A mum of 2 who had to shut the doors to her treatment room in March due to Covid 19 has found a way to support her fellow therapy workers during lockdown, having created a business advice podcast from her attic, and what started as a project to give her focus whilst her treatments rooms are closed, has turned into a race to the No.1 spot in the iTunes Charts.

Chiropractor Nikki Collinson-Phenix, has currently made it to Number 2 in the iTunes Charts, finding herself ranking above global entrepreneurs such as Gary Vee, Carrie Green, and Jay Shetty to name just a few…

Having been a dedicated therapist for over 20 year, Nikki was devastated when she had to close the doors to her business and suddenly being unable to help her patients in the way that she was used to was unsettling, as was the instant loss of her income.

Knowing that millions of therapists around the globe were in similar situations gave her some comfort but also ignited a powerful flame under her to support her fellow therapists during this time.

‘The Profitable Couch’ podcast was born in her attic as she juggled childcare and trying to continue to work in some capacity, finding her focus on supporting other therapists during lockdown. Drawing on her extensive experience in running therapy businesses and tapping into her previous corporate career she is providing free support and guidance to other therapists boosting them with knowledge of how to navigate uncertain business times, and also preparing them for post -lockdown.

She said: “Having had my business for so many years I have learnt a thing or too about how to run it efficiently, and as someone very driven and focused on results I have created a very profitable business - however when networking within the industry so often I come across others who have fabulous passion fuelled therapy businesses, who are not making any money, and this breaks my heart as they are driven by passion and purpose but they cannot sustain their business financially. During lockdown I wanted to use my time to help others on their journey, so that when our doors are allowed to open again they can turn their passion into a profitable and viable therapy business.”

She added: “Right now, with therapy doors closing everywhere many therapist business owners are feeling lost, broken, depressed and fearful. As I had found the strength to be positive I felt it was my duty to help my fellow therapists get their mojo back and look at all the things they CAN do to support their businesses and their clients rather than focusing on what they cannot what do!”

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