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Office life in the post-pandemic world of work

We have known from early on in the pandemic that office space in the future will change. When companies return to work, businesses will review their working space with a new, more flexible solution that bridges the gap between flexible working and a place of work that promotes wellbeing, safety and trusted connectivity.

At MSO Workspace a number of safety measures have been implemented to ensure offices are ready for a smooth transition back into use. Here, Steve Lyons, CEO of MSO Workspace offers his view on the future of work.

Changing the world of workspace

There is little doubt that Covid-19 has provoked change in the way we work, as well as how we will use “the office” in the long term. The prolonged period of employees remote working has demonstrated that while we ‘can’ work from home productively, it has also shown the importance on what office solutions need, to give a more collaborative outlook.

Working from home has also revealed that the physical environment in which we work has a major impact on our productivity and wellbeing. A vibrant colour system, great air quality, comfortable and quality furniture along with the ambiance all have significant effects on our mental and physical health in the long-term. Spaces that consider simplistic but crucial elements such as natural light, outdoor areas, wellbeing benefits and considerate design will be more commonplace in the future.

Lessons to keep connected

Whether it has been connectivity issues, isolation from our colleagues and the social interaction, the normality of ‘going to work’ structure, or the inability to separate our home and work life while juggling children at home, remote working has been a necessary, but by no means an ideal situation for many of us during COVID-19. it has however, educated us, that a more flexible work environment that promotes wellbeing mixed with optimum connectivity is the way to go.

One clear outcome of the workforce’s sudden shift to remote working is a renewed appreciation for high-quality technology. From the time-sensitive email that won’t send to an important video call that won’t connect, those that have been working from home this past several weeks, have no doubt been let down by poor technology at some point. These dips in technology are not only a frustration but are found to have been one of the major causes of stress.

The office we return to after COVID-19 will have to incorporate quality technology that fosters reliable communications channels, as well as enabling employees increasingly used to working remotely to be more flexible. Basic infrastructure such as modern AV amenities and a high-speed internet network, can help provide a more streamlined way of working.

**Adapt to your new way of working **

The office as we know it, will no doubt change because of COVID-19. We realise now more than ever, the importance of high-quality technological infrastructure, the value of creative and fun workspaces and those organisations that truly invest in the mental wellbeing and a sense of community. Those that provide the best environments to reflect this changing need will no doubt reap the rewards of a happier and vigorous workforce for the long term.

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