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Fast growth Manchester Kombucha business launches crowdfunding campaign

Fast-growing Manchester Kombucha business, Booch & Brew, has launched its first crowdfunding campaign to invest in new equipment and drive further expansion.

Founded in 2019 by friends and Kombucha enthusiasts Emma Thackray and Kenny Goodman, Booch & Brew produces organic, vegan Kombucha.

Kombucha, also known as ‘Booch’, is a healthy, sparkling fermented soft drink made from tea and is full of antioxidants, friendly bacteria, immune boosting vitamins and organic acids.

Booch & Brew has launched its campaign on Kickstarter for £10,000 in funding, which will be used to invest in a new and improved fermenting vessel to make the fermentation process faster and more efficient, and an eco-heating system which is better for the environment and keeps the tea warm, so it ferments faster and uses less energy.

Through the campaign, backers can receive limited-time perks including options to order discounted cases of Booch & Brew, a year’s supply of products, a complete homebrew kit and a live one on one Kombucha workshop with one of the company co-founders.

Emma Thackray, co-founder of Booch & Brew, said: “Our mission is to brew the tastiest and healthiest Kombucha on the planet, and we’ve worked tirelessly for the last year to perfect our brew and share it with the world.

“We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved to date, but we’ve now reached the limits of what we can brew with the equipment we have, so we’ve put together this Kickstarter campaign to help us brew more and brew better.

“We want to launch this campaign now, during Covid, because we think the best way to manage our business is to keep on growing and moving forward, investing in new kit to fulfil increasing demand. This campaign is a great way for the public to join us on the Booch & Brew journey and take the business to the next level.”

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