Offices across the country remain empty, but virtual offices and a blended approach to work could open the doors.

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Virtual offices facilitate fluid working practice during lockdown

Although offices are standing empty with employees back at home, businesses need to maintain an image. Step forward virtual offices. Not an option, or even a thought for many business leaders prior to 2020, they are increasingly becoming an attractive proposition.

They offer an ability to maintain business operations whilst keeping employee safety at the forefront.

MSO Workspace has seen an unprecedented number of enquiries for virtual offices but there is value in property that will never go away. Instead, we are seeing a blended approach to working with core teams continuing to meet on-site with others remaining away.

Rapid change was called for this year and most businesses have managed to adapt as needed. Mothballing premises indefinitely is unsustainable and impractical when it comes to client relations.

There are some aspects of the office life that simply cannot be replicated at home no matter how many online tools are used. Plus, while we can work remotely it doesn’t always work out for the best. Surveys show a fall in productivity and its impact on mental health is indisputable.

Hence why we see businesses forming company bubbles. These are groups of employees who can work in an office, maintaining social distance, allowing for better communications when it comes to creative thinking and brain storming. Meanwhile, other members of the team can remain at home and switch in when needed.

Finding the balance between arriving in-person, where safe and secure to do so, and remote working will be key for all businesses as we end the year and head into 2021. It is difficult to make concrete plans with ever-changing guidance but introducing new working practices now will make future changes more bearable.

Perhaps using a virtual office is an option for you.

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