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Now covering 20 million people, HealthHero emerges as the largest telehealth player in Europe

Following its acquisition of Doctorlink, the health technology platform for healthcare providers and insurers, HealthHero has grown to become Europe’s largest telehealth company, with is services covering over 20 million people across the continent.

Operating across the UK, Ireland and Germany, HealthHero’s revenue has also grown 10 times in 2020, fuelled by an increase in demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, significant new client wins and strategic acquisitions in international markets and clinical areas such as mental health.

HealthHero provides its services through corporates and insurance providers, serving over 1,000 businesses, as well as the NHS. It provides a holistic approach to healthcare - merging separate disciplines such as GP, mental health and musculoskeletal consultations.

Speaking about today’s announcement, HealthHero’s CEO and founder Ranjan Singh comments: “2020 has also been a transformational year for the healthcare sector as a whole. But now the focus needs to be on ensuring that digital healthcare’s growth is focussed squarely on improving patient outcomes.

“Right now, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild healthcare to be something that truly serves the patient, as well as practitioners and providers. To do that effectively as an industry, we need to focus on adopting a holistic approach to healthcare, rather than mimicking silos that exist already in both traditional and digital healthcare structures.

“Doctorlink’s team has an unparalleled track record in building best-in-class technology. By welcoming them into the HealthHero family, we can continue to break down these silos and marry digital convenience with clinical expertise”.

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