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Eagle Genomics to Expand Biotech Offering in India with help of Talent Works and Number 10

  • Cambridge-founded microbiotics innovator fuels bio-revolution by scaling its tech talent in Hyderabad

Eagle Genomics, the creator of enterprise platform solutions for microbiomics and genomics, has announced its plans to create a Hyderabad tech hub with a mission to fuel a bio revolution. With the assistance of Talent Works and the UK Government, Eagle Genomics aims to revolutionise its offering within India and position itself as a tech employer of choice.

Eagle Genomics combines biology, data science and bioinformatics to solve some of the world’s biggest issues, from antibiotic resistance and fighting non communicable diseases to managing microbiome in soils to aid food production. It uses nature to co-design materials of the future and solve large-scale problems.

The company, which is solving the world’s life sciences grand challenges, began working with Talent Works to assist with talent acquisition in the UK, and has since trebled its workforce from less than 20 to over 70 people. Over the past year, Talent Works has helped Eagle Genomics to not only hire sought after data scientists, senior engineers and biotechnologists - competing with the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft - but to affirm its employer brand and core company values.

After its success in the UK market, Eagle Genomics now plans to expand its global offering by opening a tech hub in Hyderabad, India’s second tech city. Working with the High Commissioner’s Office in Hyderabad and with encouragement from the UK government’s Department for International Trade, Eagle Genomics hopes that its innovative approach to 21st century science will form a significant dimension of the future trade engagement between the UK and India.

For Eagle Genomics CEO, Anthony Finbow, the most exciting element is that science is at the forefront in this agenda. “We are seeing the beginning of a bio-revolution and are about to embark on the really aggressive, radical scaleup, trebling our headcount in India in the next year. We’re blending biotechnologists with data science, machine learning and enterprise-class software engineering, and I believe that the team we are assembling will be the template for the resources that are required for this type of business in the new economy.”

Before working with Talent Works, Eagle Genomics was faced with the multi-dimensional challenge of raising brand awareness in India and positioning itself as an attractive proposition for some of the highest calibre tech candidates. Through insight-led digital attraction and social media recruitment, Talent Works, which has seen similar success in India previously, is building Eagle Genomics’ employer brand awareness and simultaneously attracting senior technical talent competing with India’s biggest names. Finbow continued: “The biggest opportunity you have when building a business like this is to hire the right people, and the most catastrophic thing you can do is hire the wrong people. Everything hinges on talent and then culture, of course, which is why we have chosen to work with Talent Works.”

Neil Purcell, CEO of Talent Works commented, “The work that Anthony and the team at Eagle Genomics are doing is fascinating, and it’s great to be able to play a part in the bio-revolution. The success we have seen already within six months of working together is extraordinary and we hope to be able to continue this as Eagle Genomics scales globally. Building brand awareness with insight-led and creative strategies will position Eagle Genomics as an employer of choice in Hyderabad and beyond.”

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