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Challenging the status quo: Tech Amigos launches outcome-based pricing model to deliver certainty for customers in the UK

Tech Amigos is a young, dynamic technology consultancy with a mission to deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps. With the recent launch of its outcome-based pricing model, Tech Amigos is set to increase its UK presence by delivering certainty for customers and helping them to better manage their risk.

Instead of charging clients on a day-rate basis, the amigos are looking to challenge the status quo, and work with customers who wish to see certain results with a fixed price. This provides business leaders with clarity around delivery for projects. Clients are also better placed to manage risks in the current economic climate.

Essentially, the journey to cloud adoption can be a confusing and intimidating experience with so many different services, configurations and costs to consider. Tech Amigos’ services therefore consist of cloud design, cloud automation and continuous delivery, all of which aim to accelerate processes, without compromising quality. In addition to this, the team has created Amigos Hub, which is a collaborative partner ecosystem that compliments Tech Amigos’ core services.

The consultancy was born in 2018 with the synergy of three amigos, bringing diverse and extensive experience from the technology industry. The team collaborates with clients to fully visualize cloud transformation projects and deliver scalable technology stacks in the cloud. Automating processes is at the heart of the amigos’ ethos; accelerating the way these deliver. Tech Amigos also collaborates with client development teams, finding ways to best leverage tooling for continuous integration and automating software delivery.

The amigos operate under three core beliefs:

· Implement standards Agile and DevOps culture requires the definition of a standard process backed by relevant automation patterns.

· Raise quality Speed to market should not equate to sub-standard quality. Amigos Labs helps the team to experiment with new technology and create high-quality, reusable patterns.

· Deliver outcomes Well-defined, measurable outcomes are cost-effective alternatives to hiring consultants on a day-rate basis. Sachin Deshpande, Founder and CTO at Tech Amigos, explains: “Being a small yet dynamic technology consultancy, we provide customers with a hyper-personalised service where they get day-to-day access and action from senior experts in the field. Our combined expertise and passion to help clients accelerate their digital transformation journeys are what drive us to go above and beyond tight specifications. Alongside this, our ability to transfer knowledge is vital in helping organisations to become self-sufficient.

“This will be particularly critical in the new, hybrid working world, as staggered working patterns could have a serious impact on performance if not navigated carefully. Business leaders must therefore invest in the right technologies to improve their software, while also taking the time to integrate these solutions into their current software engineering processes. Put simply, the right level of automation and tooling will help to maintain velocity on Agile projects, and make distributed teams more efficient.”

Deshpande continues: “Taking this one step further, we are delighted to be announcing the launch of our outcome-based pricing model to help companies in our target segment (start-ups / scale-ups) make the best use of our services. Ultimately, we want to deliver the right solution for the right price, and create conditions to deliver true business value.”

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