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Business accelerator launches new tech startup programme in North East

A UK business accelerator has announced that it is launching a new tech startups programme in the North East.

Ignite, which first launched Newcastle in 2011, has helped startups in the tech sector secure more than £100m in venture capital funding and is now partnering up with the North of Tyne Combined Authority.

The three-year programme will also involve partners including Digital Catapult, Northumbria University, Tedco, Dynamo, AHSN, Innovation Super Network and NGI.

Ian Browne, Ignite’s chief operating officer, commented: “The North of Tyne Combined Authority have recognised that future economic growth will only happen if a new wave of technology focused businesses are created and supported in the region.

“They have committed to a long term vision, putting digital at the core and making the North East the best place to start and grow a company. We are delighted to be able to help.

“Over the next three years we will be running a series of programmes to help founders take a chance on their idea, raise venture capital and begin to create a new generation of startup companies in the area.

“We are fortunate to be working with a set of partners who bring their own expertise and networks — together we will all be working to build an inclusive and successful startup ecosystem.

“We will be focused on startups. High growth startups. We are looking for big ideas and ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to building large and successful companies.

“Ignite has always adopted a founder first approach to everything we do. Our team is comprised of founders who have built startups, raised investment globally and successful exited companies. We believe that founders who have been through the process can provide the most value for those coming behind.”

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