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Open your door to the world of Yoga for a rejuvenating experience

Over the last few decades, the popularity of Yoga has surged relatively faster and the so-called less-recognized phenomena by medical science has suddenly emerged as the most sought-after meditation technique. Yoga is also seen as a gift of India to the modern world that yearns for a peaceful state amidst the monotonous lifestyle and cut-throat competition. The rat race of cities and towns is challenging the mankind physically and mentally.

At a time when an increasing number of people are talking about issues related to stress, anxiety and depression, yoga comes as a breath of fresh air to help them find perfect balance even during a precarious time. The practice of yoga is intended at evoking the relaxation response of our body, thereby opening our mind to tranquility.

With meditation and breathing being intrinsic parts of yoga, tackling pain and stress through this type of meditation cannot be ruled out. Relieving depression through meditation and focused movements of our body is no mean feat, but yoga makes it all too easy.

In the recent times, people have started to admire the benefits offered by meditation techniques, especially yoga. “Yoga brings focus, clarity, equanimity and strong will to our spirits,” says Rajat Khare, a yoga practitioner.

American supermodel Christy Turlington is one of the many individuals from the entertainment industry that actively practice yoga. “I practice all six types of yoga, including the more spiritual and social sides of Karma yoga,” she says. Turlington believes that this is the best way of getting rounded and effective results.

Nowadays, there are plenty of issues for a common man to combat. The Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the agony, creating more problems for the entire humankind. At this juncture, Yoga is more relevant than ever before. There is nothing like starting your day with yoga and investing time in what makes you happy.

The battle of finding the right balance has to be fought every day of the week and yoga is a way of healing your physical and mental attire, while repairing the damage incurred in the past.

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