International collaboration aids UK interior design tech startup

UK-based tech start up specialising in interior design, has today announced a series of new strategic partnerships aimed at building its presence on the global design market.

The collaborations with four internationally recognised brands, Faro Barcelona, Gong, nanimarquina, and CIFRE, will further develop Jump Into Reality’s ambition to provide a tool within the market to make interior design accessible to everyone.

Jump Into Reality was established in 2017. Its JUMP into DESIGN® cloud-based platform enables interior designers to easily create and personalise hyper-realistic 3D designs.

The technology is used by more than 3,000 designers in almost 50 countries, with the majority based in the UK and Spain, which are currently the company’s two key markets.

Jump Into Reality plans to double its current catalogue and to treble its user numbers over the next year as the company seeks to expand its presence across Europe, initially focusing on the Italian market.

Faro Barcelona, specialists in lighting and ceiling fan design, is a multiple award-winning company operating in over 110 countries. GONG is a London-based decoration boutique whose designs are featured at numerous sites including Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Linda Facchinetti, co-founder and CEO of Jump into Reality said: “We are really excited to be partnering with these internally-renowned brands as we continue to offer a wider range of amazing products to the professionals using our software.

“These collaborations support designers using our innovative JUMP into DESIGN® platform and enable them to experience projects like never before.

“These partnerships will help further build client satisfaction levels and will also support our efforts to treble our user base over the next year. They also give us added momentum as we aim to expand our presence in key European markets, including Italy.”

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