Northumberland County Council plans to make Cramlington UK’s first “green town” with £50k town centre upgrades

New plans are set to be developed looking at a range of improvements for Cramlington including the town centre.

An initial prime sum of around £50k is planned to be invested, subject to full council budget approval, to create a range of master plan design options, with a particular focus on development opportunities around the Manor Walks shopping complex.

It will also explore some wider ideas about creating the UK’s first “Green Town” which incorporates improvements to the existing cycle network and confirm the second biggest town in the county as the greenest and most healthy.

The shopping centre in the middle of the town dates back to the 1970s, although it has expanded considerably over the years, most recently in 2013.

However, the County Council and partners including the Town Council feel more could be made of land to the south of the centre and is set to commission architects to revisit some ideas to “re-imagine” the area, with suggestions including environmental improvements, a performance area or a market square.

Councillor Wojciech Ploszaj, Cabinet Member for Business, said: “Cramlington is a bustling town with a popular shopping offer but the infrastructure was built in the 1970s and we’re keen to develop a blueprint of how the town centre and wider area could look in the future.”

Cramlington Village County Councillor Mark Swinburn, speaking on behalf of the Cramlington members, added: “Our town has so much to offer both residents and visitors but we’re always striving to see how things could be improved further.

“Having a fresh perspective on what could be achieved here and wider in the town will help us develop a blue-print for the long-term prosperity and environment of Cramlington.”

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