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Mike Pye + Co celebrates international client win with Fjelltopp

Manchester-based marketing consultancy, Mike Pye + Co, has announced a new international client win – public health data specialists Fjelltopp.

The purpose-driven agency will be providing strategy and ongoing marketing consultancy to the European collective of software engineers and data scientists, Fjelltopp, which has offices in Finland, Poland and England.

Activity includes marketing consultancy around Fjelltopp’s brand and strategy to reach new global audiences, highlighting the work the company is doing to tackle global health issues and communicating to senior leaders. And with Fjelltopp’s ongoing projects, including work with the World Health Organisation and UNAIDS, it’s the perfect fit for Mike Pye + Co.

Mike Pye, Managing Director and Founder of Mike Pye + Co, said: “We want to partner with businesses that share our values. Those that strive for better employee health and wellbeing, the success of their colleagues, greater opportunities for people from all backgrounds, and positive change in their industries. With the work that Fjelltopp has already done and continues to do, they represent the perfect purpose-driven business that aligns with our values.

“As an agency, we’re selective in who we work with. Fjelltopp is the same, meaning they approached us to pitch rather than a formal tender process. The final decision came down to our approach and ethos. Our team genuinely care about assisting Fjelltopp in their mission, but we weren’t afraid to challenge and question them in the pitch process. It was clear we would have a fantastic collaborative relationship from the start. It’s testament to the team we’re continuing to build and develop.”

While Mike Pye + Co have been delivering on their mission to “make brilliant marketing accessible” since 2015, it was 2021 that saw a shift in ethos.

“As a business, we can’t change the whole world, but we can change how we do business. To be a part of the solution, not the problem. We now only partner with purpose-led businesses focused on doing good for people and the planet.

“Fjelltopp is on a mission to help harmonise health data around the world, supporting institutions such as WHO and UNAIDS in the fight against AIDS, COVID-19 and other global health challenges. They’ve also recently further cemented their social mission by registering with Social Enterprise UK.

“It’s wonderful to work with such a committed values-driven organisation and assist them to help more communities across the world. And while they are a for-profit business, the way they prioritise local businesses and build technical capacity within these communities really resonates with us.”

And it’s delivering the importance of this message which underpins the partnership between Fjelltopp and Mike Pye + Co.

“Often in strategy projects, businesses can easily define what they do and why they do it. It’s often defining why people should care that is the strategic bit. With Fjelltopp it’s the opposite. It’s obvious why people should care – they’re playing a key part in tackling global health issues. The strategic challenge is being able to engage with a niche global audience in extremely senior and high-pressured jobs. It’s a challenge we’re already enjoying immensely.”

Jonathan Berry, Fjelltopp Founding Director, COO and CEO said: “The creative and collaborative approach from Mike and the team has been evident from the very beginning. Yes, we wanted to work with marketing specialists that truly believe in the work we do. That’s a given. But we also wanted to be challenged. We want to continue to be better as a business. To strive for continual improvement. Partnering with Mike Pye + Co gives us the opportunity to enhance our messaging, grow our business and help more communities across the world.”

For Mike Pye + Co, Fjelltopp is the latest addition to an established client roster that includes Tyler Grange, GMB Credit Union, Collaborate Living, Fusion 21, Totally Local Company and Better Not Stop. Businesses that are all doing something unique to benefit the environment or improve people’s lives.

And this purpose-driven commitment goes beyond the clients Mike Pye + Co work with. While the agency’s core team is set to grow with open roles including a Project Manager and Senior and Junior Account Managers, they continue to strive to lead by example when it comes to employee wellbeing and diversity.

Their commitment to making a positive impact on the world has also seen them partner with One Percent for the Planet, Better Business Network and Better Business Act, as well as starting their Certified B Corporation Accreditation in 2022.

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