Qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach, 21st Century Feminist and best-selling author of ‘Woman Up', Jodie Salt

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Three Tips To Help You Become More Assertive from Qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach and 21st Century Feminist

Mum of 3 teenage girls, Jodie Salt, 43, from Frodsham, is a qualified Women’s Assertiveness Coach, a 21st Century feminist and best-selling author of ‘Woman Up – the 21st century women’s guide to being assertive’.

Jodie is on a mission to help women rediscover their true identity, find their voice, step into their own authentic space, figure out what they want and then go out and get it.

She said; “I’m a glass ceiling smasher, boys club navigator, credibility champion and influencer extraordinaire! I’m on a mission to create a guilt free army of liberated women living their best lives.”

She continues; “I believe that a big problem in our society is that our women and girls are so consumed by what they look like - how ‘pretty’ they are, and this is holding us back.”

As the #instagramlife takes hold of not only our teenage girls but also our 40 somethings, Jodes wants to help women to help themselves by encouraging them to turn the notion of being ‘pretty’ on its head. She’s on a quest to convince women to want to be acknowledged and respected for more than what they look like - their talents, contribution, and capability so they can be ‘pretty confident’, ‘pretty strong’, ‘pretty smart’, ‘pretty funny’, and of course, ‘pretty assertive’! Whatever their version of pretty may be. This comes from investing as much in your personal development as it does in your appearance.

With a 15-year corporate background in leadership development, a whole host of personal experiences, Jodie knows first-hand many of these challenges and has learned to navigate them the hard way. She became an expert in assertiveness for women 7 years ago after choosing to leave the corporate rat race and become an entrepreneur, building her methodology, The Woman Up Way - a 7 step framework to empower and liberate women to life the happy, fulfilling and successful life they all deserve.

Here’s Jodie’s Top 3 Tips to get you started on your Woman Up journey to becoming more assertive:

  1. Figure out what you want (not what you don’t want) - so many women when asked what they want either say they don’t know, or they begin to describe everything they don’t want. It makes a big difference to flip this around

  2. Prioritise you - Women are great at serving everyone else’s needs before their own. It means those you love to experience a better version of you when you put yourself first.

  3. Stop justifying yourself. If you want to say No to something, you are under no obligation to justify why, give an excuse or a reason…. you can simply not want to and that is totally acceptable.

Jodie is set to host a huge female empowerment festival - Womanifest - a personal development, wellbeing and empowerment festival women of all ages, running from 17-18th September, in Cheshire. She is hosting Womanifest supporting Girls Out Loud as the exclusive charitable beneficiary – a social enterprise working with young girls from the age of 12 to empower them to channel their potential and make better life choices.

Jodes said:“Womanifest is a full-on FESTIVAL! – it’s all about women having fun, learning how to put themselves first, get what they want, surround themselves with other fantastic women and have access to a huge range of learning and expertise that can help them to make changes in their life and feel inspired and empowered, bringing everything a woman needs to live the happy, fulfilling and successful life she deserves into one place for an epic weekend of liberating experiences!”

Visit the Womanifest website to find out more.

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