Daniel Bulkin, CEO of Healistic.

London based HealthTech app launch represents “£100bn+ market opportunity”

Healistic, an “innovative” HealthTech mobile app and the first pharma-based speedy delivery service in the UK, announced £1m in pre-seed funding from international investors.

Powered by the belief that healthcare should be “effortless and immediately available to everyone”, Healistic is building an all-in-one universal healthcare platform, providing a “seamless” experience in an asset-light marketplace business model.

From a user perspective, the app is already live for iOS and Android, and offers thousands of healthcare products, delivered to the customer’s doorstep in under 45 minutes. Healistic has partnered with independent pharmacies across London, enabling them to access a digital channel and customer base they otherwise couldn’t reach.

Healistic uses riders on eco-friendly bikes to deliver within 45 minutes. Founded by Daniel Bulkin, a London based serial HealthTech Entrepreneur and ex-Private Equity investor in the Technology & Healthcare space, Healistic aims to address unfulfilled demand as a category leader.

From consumer research, Daniel found that customers are demanding a healthcare experience that is “omni-channel, convenient, and fast”, allowing them to understand and control their own healthcare management.

Healistic is on a mission to become the “go-to” D2C HealthTech mobile app, offering an end-to-end digital patient home. This will take shape as a scalable marketplace model with SaaS tech solutions to connect pharmacies, insurers, and corporations with end users.

The launch of Healistic translates into a “£100bn+ market opportunity”, with strong digitalisation and growth potential.

The mobile app has initially launched in London. The plan is to expand into other cities across the UK this year. Healistic will also continue to build on its initial offering, with plans to implement speedy prescription delivery, tele-health consultations with GPs and nutritionists, and insurance claim management, as it moves towards a full-service digital healthcare app.

Daniel Bulkin, CEO of Healistic, commented: “This funding round has allowed us to introduce a product to market that will serve the digital patient at a crucial time.

“Against a backdrop of increased uncertainty within the NHS, including strikes and supply chain issues, Healistic aims to alleviate these pressures by connecting patients to the appropriate healthcare solutions through a trusted, centralised system.

“We believe that immediate healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Healistic is building a category leader in the ‘Open Healthcare’ revolution, a parallel to the ‘Open Banking’ revolution, which began in the last decade.”

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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