AI-driven text-into-app developers cut through the jargon of coding

As part of Bdaily’s feature focus, innovation week, I hear from Hull-based AI developers, February. February’s two founders Ash and Tom Lewis have recently unveiled ‘groundbreaking’ artificial intelligence aimed at helping companies create apps with as little as one sentence worth of text.

The two brothers both formed a love for coding at a young age, with Ash beginning his life in coding and software creation at only six years of age. With their depth of knowledge in the world of coding and software development, they were more than aware of how challenging app development can be.

This led the February team on their journey into no-code app development, a practice which helps cut through the jargon, stress and strain of traditional app development. CEO of February, Ash Lewis told me, “no code allows us to focus on what truly matters - creating innovative products without the distractions of bug fixing, user testing, and UI design details. In today’s fast-paced world, we believe that creating technology products should be easy, and that’s what no-code provides.”

“Our goal is to work smarter, not harder, and after discovering the benefits of no-code for ourselves, we wanted to offer this solution to others. We envisioned a platform that would enable anyone to get creative and build things online - to enhance their life, side hustles, projects, or businesses. Without having to recreate the wheel at the time and expense it takes. We wanted to break down the traditional barriers that have existed for too long and make building software accessible to everyone.

“Our research and development phase had a vision of helping more entrepreneurs start up, and while we still see this, we have found that many of our customers are established businesses, battling with outdated software, and processes, or they just have a need and desire to innovate and improve.”

With no code app development being such new grounds in the world of tech, the February team foresees no-code having a massive impact on the industry. Ash commented, “No-code development has transformed the software industry by democratising software development, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and promoting innovation. With no-code, even non-technical individuals can create complex software applications quickly and easily, eliminating the need for expensive development teams.

“Being at the forefront of the no-code revolution is what we created February for and we relish the opportunity to shake up the tech industry and make a real impact. We love knowing that we are enabling non-technical individuals to access software development and hearing about the impact it’s making on our customers’ lives and businesses is just amazing.”

With February being at the forefront of no-code tech, it’s clear they have an interesting future in store for their team. Ash added, “We strive to keep expanding our customer base and are excited to grow the February team. Mostly our focus is to continue working hard on our tech, and hold a position at the forefront of the industry. As we evolve we will release new features to enhance our offering.

“We are still new to the market so making some noise, showing what we are about and making our customers happy is what’s important.”

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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