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New book reveals how to take control and find your way during uncertainty

The Covid-19 pandemic left many people, especially women, feeling lost, unsure of what to do next and struggling to find a way to move forward. The effects are still being felt a couple of years on.

Recognising this impact, twin sisters Karen Powell and Lesley Heath, saw an opportunity to capture the enlightening and compelling stories of transformative change that occurred during the pandemic. Their new book, Woman of Our Time is a celebration of the stories of ordinary women during that time, and a deep dive into the power of self-reflection.

Karen and Lesley are co-directors and co-founders of A Matter of Choice, a boutique business consultancy specialising in sustainable business transformation and personal growth. They have 50 years of experience in senior HR, safety, and executive roles in complex organisations such as Royal Mail and Asda. Alongside co-author, award-winning communicator Kate Goodman, they created Woman of Our Time to empower readers with practical ways to understand their own needs, discover hidden strengths within themselves and overcome their fears and vulnerabilities.

The book combines real-time journal entries written by everyday women during lockdown with non-judgemental guidance based on reflective practice and backed up by academic research. It offers practical coaching advice, tips and techniques, simple exercises and motivating quotes to ordinary women who may be floundering or feeling lost in an uncertain world.

Not to be mistaken for a quick fix read, Woman of Our Time encourages taking small steps of action, to lead to positive change. It details a sustainable way for readers to take back control over their own lives, finding space for them to breathe and create lasting, meaningful change on their own terms.

This book is a must-read for all women, at any stage of life wanting to rewrite their own narrative, consciously invest in themselves, their needs and their mental wellbeing. It covers topics such as building positivity and confidence, advocating for yourself during relationships, navigating a career, dealing with parenthood and journaling as an act of self-care.

During a time when much of society is still subtly coloured by male-first perspectives, Woman of Our Time champions the resilience, success and creativity of women from all backgrounds. It encourages readers to question systemic culture and catalyse transformative change one life at a time.

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