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Wendy Brown with Abbi to exchange copies of her book

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CW Chamber welcomes valuable PR training aid from new Midlands author

Debut author Abbi Hoxleigh from Rugby reunited with her former mentor, Wendy Brown, from the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, to generously donate multiple copies of Abbi’s new book to start-ups participating in the Chamber’s training program.

With a decade of experience in media and establishing her own PR business in 2021, Abbi witnessed the challenges faced by start-ups in PR. Limited resources and a need for an established reputation often present obstacles for start-ups and small businesses seeking media attention. By sharing her knowledge and experience, Abbi aims to empower start-ups and small businesses, emphasising the vital role of PR in effectively navigating these obstacles and achieving visibility in today’s competitive landscape.

PR is about improving communication and relationships, so she increasingly uses her skills to translate complex ideas into digestible formats. In her approach to PR, Abbi addresses one of the most significant challenges for small businesses attracting investors and securing partnerships. Public relations (PR) can be critical in this professional visibility. PR is the communication that spreads information between an organisation and its target audience. Building relationships with key stakeholders, including the media, customers, and the general public, to promote the organisation’s goals and values is critical to PR practices.

Since the release of her book CREDIBILITY CONFIDENCE: How to Leverage PR as a Start-up, Abbi has been invited to speak at various business events throughout the Midlands. Notable engagements include The Luxe Club Experience in Staffordshire, where she inspired event industry attendees.

Abbi said, “It is important for small businesses not to wait until it’s too late to implement a PR strategy. By being proactive and investing in PR early on, businesses can build a strong foundation for their brand and reputation, which can help them weather any storms that may come their way. I wanted to give back to the Chamber because of the support that I have received over the years. I keep striving to be the best version of myself, and when I have amassed a wealth of useful knowledge, I want to give back. I share tips on PR and communications that I wish I had known in my business and personal life. I will continue to give back as I scale.”

Abbi Hoxleigh is the founder of Little PR Rock Marketing Limited (LPRM), a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and author of CREDIBILITY CONFIDENCE: How to Leverage PR as a Start-up, a PR how-to-guide that makes the complex simple and is available to buy on Amazon. She is also a public speaker and sits on the think tank of the Eye Of Media. Com–an online investigative media publication that appraises news in the press and supports the public on a range of issues, both on an individual and collective level.

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