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Why and how to outsource everything but your brilliance

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic, leaders, managers and business owners were feeling more demand on their time than ever before. Juggling ever-increasing numbers of meetings, navigating hybrid global teams and balancing personal and professional responsibilities are common challenges. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that many are turning to Virtual Assistants (VAs) to help them manage competing demands. In reality however, when integrated intentionally and efficiently, VAs provide much more than that, becoming a vital component to enhanced productivity and protected energy in a “do more with less” world.

Passionate about helping leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs uncover the benefits of outsourcing everything but their brilliance, within her new book How To Work With A Virtual Assistant, Kathy Soulsby equips readers with everything they need to maximise their VA relationships. With extensive experience in varying professional services Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant roles, Kathy set up Personally Virtual in 2014 and now provides expert VA services alongside carefully selected associates.

A comprehensive blueprint for the VA relationship, Kathy guides the reader through understanding when it is the right time to outsource and identifying what type of assistant they might need. Many factors come into this decision including location, task type, volume of hours and cost.

Furthermore, by debunking myths and misconceptions about VAs, Kathy ensures readers fully understand the role and breadth of a VA. Moral support, a sounding board, a second brain and more, VAs are not just diary managers. To access these benefits, Kathy keenly highlights the importance of excellent communication, providing some brand guidelines, defining best inbox, travel and diary practices, outlining your business processes and setting expectations to get the most out of a potential relationship. Understanding these elements is an essential starting point. When considering how to find a VA, Kathy looks at how to write the job specification, where to find them and how to shortlist and decide on applicants.

Perhaps most importantly, the author delves into the nitty gritty of working together as this is really where the productivity benefits of outsourcing are uncovered for the reader. Kathy highlights the necessity of onboarding calls, setting up the technology and agreeing checkpoints, like weekly calls, task management apps or whatever works best in that partnership; flexibility and personalisation is key to success. When time is invested here, the reader can truly begin to focus their energy on their areas of brilliance.

The practical benefits of a VA are clear, but too often underestimated are the productivity, energy-saving and wellbeing benefits that accompany having a trusted partner to help you work as efficiently as possible. How To Work With A Virtual Assistant is the perfect read for any leader, manager or business owner looking to build a robust, effective and rewarding VA partnership.

How to Work With A Virtual Assistant is available on Amazon.

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