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MANUAL MAGIC: Create the operations manual your franchisees need to succeed

A seismic shift is underway in the ever-evolving landscape of franchising, where tradition meets innovation. For decades, franchising has been a stalwart pillar of the UK economy, offering the promise of replicable success to ambitious entrepreneurs. Today, the franchise industry is experiencing a transformative wave driven by the aspirations and demands of the YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok generation.

With these changes unfolding, the challenge before both new and seasoned franchisors is unmistakable: How do they craft an Operations Manual that resonates with this vibrant and tech-savvy generation? It’s a pivotal question that will determine the course of franchising’s future in the UK, where adaptability and relevance have become the keys to prosperity.

Penny Hopkinson argues passionately that the traditional Operations Manual must undergo a digital metamorphosis to navigate these uncharted waters. This is the focus of her book Manual Magic, which sets out a compelling roadmap for franchisors seeking to connect with the values and expectations of the YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok generation – the under 30s. Penny describes how franchisors can create a knowledge-sharing environment that unlocks the potential of younger franchise team members who will increasingly become the foundation of their workforce. A commitment to engagement and empowerment and using shorter-form content and QR codes are some of the tools that will lead the way.

With a trade journalist, international editor and quality management correspondent background, Penny launched Manual Writers International® in 1986 to bring a fresh perspective to the stuffy procedure manuals and discovered franchising. Whilst numerous books have been written on how to franchise a business or choose a franchise, until now, no one has written the definitive book on how to create or upgrade the Operations Manual – the most powerful tool for faithful systems replication in the Franchise Package. Manual Magic plugs this gap with a practical, forward-focused guide to creating an operations manual fit for purpose.

Manual Magic is written in three parts and mirrors the three-step creation and updating process for an effective Operations Manual. Based on the franchisor’s know-how and Business System, the aim is to develop professional, engaging and easy-to-follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that meet the needs of franchisees and their teams, including Millennials and Gen Z.

Each step is covered in detail, and throughout, Penny debunks the common myth that all Operations Manuals need to be filled with text-heavy, corporate jargon that nobody understands or reads. Instead, Penny argues if you make an Operations Manual sufficiently engaging, franchise managers and their teams are more likely to engage with the content and faithfully replicate the franchisor’s business system – the essence of a successful franchise.

Drawing on the 40 years she has spent working with franchisors and franchisees in almost every sector, Penny has developed the perfect MAGIC manual. This is brought to life in Chapter 5, using Patisserie Pénélope, the fictional case study she has based her workshops on and its powerful demonstration of prioritising and implementing peer-to-peer engagement.

As the landscape of franchising in the United Kingdom undergoes a significant transformation, industry stakeholders must adapt to the changing tides. By following the innovative strategies and principles Penny describes in Manual Magic, franchisors now possess the tools to craft a “magic manual” of their own to help their franchisees gain a competitive advantage and propel them into a brighter, more successful future.

Manual Magic is published by Rethink Press and available on Amazon.

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