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A Smarter Way to Control Your Mobile Spend: Bespoke Mobile Agreements

Managing your mobile spending efficiently can be easier said than done. In an era where constant connectivity is the everyday norm for most businesses, watching over data usage can be a full-time job in its own right.

While data caps have become the go-to solution for many businesses, there are alternative strategies that can help keep mobile spending under control, without resorting to strict limitations; options which could be a better fit for your business if you would prefer to avoid your service package being cut off or throttled at an inopportune moment by your current provider.

Common Ways to Control Mobile Spend

When you attempt to reduce data consumption by minimising device usage, you risk impacting efficiency, productivity and even the profitability of your business. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to be the preferred (or instinctive) option many businesses opt for, perhaps having not considered the potential consequences.

For example:

1. Utilise Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

The issue with public Wi-Fi is that it is rarely (if ever) genuinely secure, and therefore safe to use for business purposes. It’s a useful option for saving data for personal use, but businesses typically frown upon the use of public Wi-Fi for security reasons.

2. Turn Off Mobile Data When Not in Use

Mobile apps can silently eat up data in the background, even if they’re not in use. The best way to prevent this is to turn off mobile data if you’re not actually using it at the time.

3. Use Data-Saving Apps

Browsers like Google Chrome offer data-saving modes that compress web pages before loading them. Similarly, email clients can be set to download attachments only when connected to Wi-Fi.

4. Switch to Messaging Apps

Using messaging apps like WhatsApp or Skype for text, voice and video communication can offer a cost-effective alternative to conventional texting and calling.

5. Limit Video Streaming Quality

Video streaming, particularly in high-definition, consumes a significant amount of data. Reducing the quality to a lower resolution can significantly decrease data usage.

The common issue in all of the above instances is that the more time you spend worrying about data usage and attempting to curb consumption through conventional means, the higher the risk of compromised productivity.

A Better Way: Bespoke Mobile Agreements by RoamingExpert

At RoamingExpert, we understand that one size tariffs does not fit all when it comes to mobile communication. That’s why we offer bespoke mobile plans tailored to the specific requirements of each UK business we support.

Our solutions are designed to provide a smarter, more cost-effective and flexible approach to mobile spending management. Here’s how:

1. 30-Day Contracts That Scale with Your Needs

Our mobile agreements start from 30-day contracts, providing you with the agility to scale your mobile services up or down as your business demands change. Whether you need to add more lines for new employees or temporarily reduce services during slower periods, our agreements adapt to your requirements.

2. Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

By working closely with the businesses we support, we’re able to create tailored plans that cover our clients’ requirements with pinpoint precision. This eliminates wastage of unnecessary services or features, allowing you to minimise your communication spend.

3. Centralised Management and Data Tracking

Our mobile agreements come with centralised management and tracking capabilities, this means you can easily monitor and control data usage across your entire organisation from one user-friendly platform. No more surprises when the monthly bill arrives – you’ll have full visibility and control over your mobile spending.

4. Significantly Cheaper International Roaming

For businesses with international operations or frequent travel requirements, our agreements offer significantly cheaper international roaming rates. Stay connected with your global partners and clients without the fear of exorbitant roaming charges.

5. Professional Account Management and Support

Our dedicated account management service will ensure you receive the proactive support and assistance you need, every step of the way. You will be assigned a primary point of contact for any questions you may have, and to and ensure you get the best possible value from your agreement.

6. Savings on Overall Mobile Spend

With our flexible bespoke mobile agreements, you not only enjoy superior service and coverage but also stand to make substantial savings on your overall mobile spending.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your business with a tailored mobile voice and data agreement, click here for an overview, or call for a chat on +44 (0) 3300 555 777.

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