Teesside University student kickstarts their music career

A song created and released as part of a Teesside University project was the start for up-and-coming artist Loren Heatley.

Talented final-year music student Loren, who goes by Loren Heat, has released their debut single. In a module on the BA (Hons) Music Production course within Teesside University, in which students were invited to develop a project in collaboration with peers and industry professionals, Loren chose to write and perform an original song.

The dark pop track, Curiosity, explores Loren’s experiences in relationships as a queer person. Loren’s course mates supported them in the development stages before they collaborated with producer Chad Male and mastering engineer Pete Maher.

Loren, 20, from Acklam, said: “Now the song is out there, it feels really strange. When I hear it, I just think: ‘Oh, that’s me.’ This has all stemmed from a university project, which is brilliant and crazy. Curiosity is about a combination of different situations and interactions that I’ve gone through in my life, especially since coming out.

“It’s a reflection of queer experiences throughout the years, looking at a combination of mistakes I’ve ignored and red flags I’ve been oblivious to. Writing it was a way for me to take the reins back.”

Loren has made quite the impression in the regional music scene since the song’s release, featuring on BBC Introducing, a radio show supporting emerging musical talent.

They added: “I got such a great opportunity to be played on BBC Introducing. Sitting in the car and listening to myself was really weird but also exciting and fun. My mum even threw me a listening party when it came out, so we were all sat in the kitchen blasting the song for my nana, who couldn’t hear well.”

Loren added: “I never went into releasing Curiosity expecting it to get the reception that it got. I was just hoping for the best, so I was shocked to say the least. It’s been picked up by playlists, and people from different countries are listening. I’m overwhelmed to see how much love it’s getting and how many people are playing my song.”

A long-standing passion for singing and performing led Loren to the BA (Hons) Music Production course.

Loren said their studies have prepared them well for a career within the music industry, providing new opportunities to network, operate within industry and develop as an artist.

Dr Alistair McNichol, Senior Lecturer in Music Technology at Teesside University, said: “Students pursue our music courses with real ambition and plans to make it as musical professionals. We’re here to provide them with the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to succeed, so we’re thrilled to see Loren already making strides within the industry. This is just the start for them.”

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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