100 Yorkshire businesses take Alternative route to success

100 Yorkshire based businesses are utilising The Alternative Board (TAB) to drive their companies forward.

Leeds based The Alternative Board has cultivated a thriving Yorkshire community of forward-thinking CEOs, business owners and leadership teams encompassing firms ranging from independent start-ups to global brands including Santander and Arup.

Many of the companies have been TAB members for over 10 years including Blacks Solicitors and RSM UK in Leeds, Concept Fire Suppression in Ripon, Grass Concrete in Wakefield and Opportunity Marketing in York.

A proven model for success, TAB board member revenue growth between 2020 and 2021 averaged an impressive 28.4 per cent, which is 5.5x the UK average. 80 per cent of members report turnover had increased since joining TAB.

TAB members benefit from a unique combination of individual coaching sessions and participation in monthly TAB board meetings with other non-competing company owners. Small business owners are often on their own, and whilst large corporations have boards of directors, many chief executives also value a ‘safe space to talk’ and receive the advice of people in independent businesses with no corporate axe to grind.

TAB’s peer advisory boards across Yorkshire serve as a trusted space for leaders to share and receive unbiased feedback on business challenges and opportunities.

TAB has been on a steady trajectory post pandemic as business leaders have grappled with increasing leadership challenges ranging from recruitment and retention to company culture and employee wellbeing. With a collective vision to improve their business for the benefit of the entire workforce, TAB members across Yorkshire are thriving thanks to its open and collaborative approach to leadership:

“Demand for our services across Yorkshire is increasing annually as business leaders recognise the benefits that leveraging the experience and wisdom of like-minded local peers can bring,” commented Ed Reid, MD of TAB UK.

“Our Advisory Boards provide business leaders with a close-knit group of peers from a range of industries and a fellowship that they are unlikely to have experienced before. Sharing knowledge, expertise and accountability they obtain the insight and inspiration needed to drive their businesses forward.

“Great change can happen when we spend time working on a business rather than in it. TAB grants members the opportunity to consider their business from a different perspective and, for many, this leads to both enhanced commercial success and wider benefits within their personal lives.

“For some members this can be as simple as putting strategies in place so they can enjoy annual leave without worrying about leaving their business while others may wish to focus on exit strategies or philanthropic endeavours.

“Ultimately, we are enabling our members to identify and outperform their goals while also investing in those of their peers. This is having a positive impact across the Yorkshire business community, creating new professional connections while empowering leaders to turn their visions into reality.”

By Mark Adair – Correspondent, Bdaily

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