Niall Brown, Mile Monaghan, Dez Derry, Lucy Polgar, Sam Sanoop.
(L - R): Niall Brown, Mile Monaghan, Dez Derry, Lucy Polgar and Sam Sanoop.

Entrepreneurs team up with professional boxer to launch ‘knockout’ new venture

Two entrepreneurs, a ‘tech wiz’, social media expert and professional boxer have teamed up to support young fighters across the UK in their pursuit of becoming a professional boxer.

The group, brought together by their mutual love of combat sports, have launched a new venture designed to ‘change the way fighters are valued and paid’.

‘Fight Division’ is a social media platform specifically tailored to combat sports and is the brainchild of Miles Monaghan, supported by co-founder and serial entrepreneur Dez Derry, who has invested £250k into the project, along with Sam Sanoop (Chief Tech Officer), Lucy Polgar (Head of Content & Media) and Niall Brown (Brand Ambassador).

Its aim is to provide boxing and martial arts athletes with a platform to generate more income through monetizing their social media channels and expanding their following and reach.

This platform keeps fans connected to their favourite fighters and moments through exclusive content, private messaging and subscriptions. Its goal is to foster a sense of community, increase fan loyalty and ultimately share their journey from amateur to professional boxing with a growing and engaged audience.

Elite boxers like former world champion Lyndon Arthur, WBO champion Harlem Eubank, rising star Niall Brown, and undisputed Women’s World Muay Thai champion Niamh Kinehan have already joined Fight Division to revolutionise fighter-fan connections and career monetization.

Miles Monaghan commented: “In this digital age, the ability to monetize social media in sport has brought about new opportunities, and Fight Division is embracing these. The journey from being an amateur boxer to professional is long and challenging, particularly financially.

“Our platform approaches the combat industry from a completely new perspective, by giving fighters a new avenue for engagement, exposure and growth, both professional and commercially.

“There is so much potential to expand the service in the future to incorporate ticket sales, pay-per-view links and official merchandise, all via a fighter’s Fight Division profile.”

Dez Derry added: “For decades, amateur boxing gyms have changed the lives of youngsters up and down the country, but it is becoming tougher for many to remain sustainable, particularly during the past five years through the pandemic then the cost-of-living crisis.

“With Fight Division, we want to make a change and a real difference to the future of these clubs, gyms and talented fighters who just need a financial boost or stepping stone to make the transition to professional.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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