Director of Endpoint Creates, Joe Longbottom, and Director of Impact Collective, Bruce Lerman.
(L - R): Director of Endpoint Creates, Joe Longbottom, and Director of Impact Collective, Bruce Lerman.

‘Leading’ events brands announce merger to create brand new Leeds based agency

Events brands, Hedonist Events and Endpoint Creates, are thrilled to announce they have merged together to create a brand new operation.

As of January 2024, the companies will be officially known as Impact Collective, evolving the two teams into a ‘powerhouse’ within the industry. Impact Collective is set to combine the strengths and expertise of both Hedonist and Endpoint, positioning the brand as a ‘leading force’ within the events sector.

The merger is set to bring together the complementary strengths of Hedonist Events, known for its trendsetting concepts and high-profile clientele, and Endpoint Creates, renowned for its logistical and technical execution.

When speaking about the new brand, Director of Impact Collective, Bruce Lerman, commented: “It’s a really exciting time for us here at Impact. We have won some major work for 2024 and the move away from Hedonist and Endpoint, draws a line in the sand of that chapter.

“At Hedonist we did some incredible things (from the bar to the events company) but now is the time to change and evolve. It is useful to also focus our minds on one thing. Welcoming and increasing the team as the demand is sky high for work..”

Hedonist Events is continually recognised for its “unique and creative” initiatives, working with global brands to execute events with impact. The team recently have worked across a range of sectors, largely specialising in food and beverage, including Plenish, London Essence, Rockstar, Sachio Drinks and Britvic.

Endpoint Creates were praised for their logistical prowess, paving the way in the events sector for companies striving to create meaningful experiences. An experiential production team, Endpoint combines technological expertise, creative flare and strategic design to create immersive event spaces across the arts and media sector.

Recent clients include streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime, drinks brand Old Jamaica, and internationally esteemed car manufacturer, Porsche.

Director of Endpoint Creates, Joe Longbottom, is delighted with the merger, adding: “I am thrilled with the new direction of the business this merger offers us, we are looking at really pushing things forward for 2024.

“It’s a fresh start to integrate that will enable our companies to thrive and share their expertise making an events company with expert ability to create some incredible experiences for our clients.”

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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