Yoga fitness studio.

Fitness brand continues to build hybrid “wellness universe” with London based acquisition

Row Group Holdings Ltd., parent company of ROWBOTS, the mindset-led fitness brand, has acquired FLOW LDN, a fitness studio that specialises in yoga, Pilates, barre and functional movement. 

The acquisition represents the next step in the group’s wider strategy and objective to build and grow a new look, hybrid “wellness universe”, where members can train across a curated collection of vertical-leading fitness and wellness brands as part of their membership or class packages, delivering greater choice, variety and value to their members and customers. 

ROWBOTS offer 50-minute workouts centred around the rowing machine, offering a full body, low impact workout that works up to 86 per cent of the body at one time. Each class has been programmed to develop different psychological techniques and mental resilience. ROWBOTS has two studios in London, Fitzrovia and the City. 

FLOW LDN is a multi-disciplinary low impact fitness studio located in Fitzrovia, London. The studio offers reformer Pilates, dynamic mat Pilates, crafted yoga flows set to soul-lifting tunes and booty-burning barre classes. FLOW LDN aims to uplift and motivate members to prioritise self-care, embrace mindful movement, and take pride in their bodies. 

Sam Green, CEO, ROWBOTS, commented: "We are delighted to announce the strategic acquisition of FLOW LDN to sit alongside the renowned ROWBOTS brand in our wellness group, Row Group Holdings Ltd. 

“This milestone marks a turning point in our journey to redefine the wellness space as we know it. By joining forces with FLOW LDN, a renowned hub for Reformer Pilates, yoga and barre, we are poised to unlock new dimensions of holistic wellness. 

Together, we envision a future where mind and body converge seamlessly, setting unprecedented standards for the industry. This strategic move not only strengthens our commitment to empowering individuals through our uniquely pioneered mindset-led fitness but also positions us at the forefront of evolving market trends. 

“As we embrace this exciting synergy, we look forward to shaping the future of fitness, seamlessly blending innovation, community, and transformative well-being.”

Charlotte Cox, Founder, FLOW LDN, added: “This strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment in the group's journey, combining FLOW LDN's passion for feel-good fitness innovation with Row Group Holding's commitment to empowering active lifestyles and prioritising mental health through fitness.

“This acquisition is not just about expanding reach; it's about amplifying the impact we can make on people's lives. Get ready to experience a new era of wellness, strength, and transformation with FLOW LDN under the Row Group Holdings umbrella."

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