Baltic SIX rooftop restaurant redesign

Baltic's ‘lavish’ rooftop restaurant announces reopening date following refurbishment

SIX Rooftop, the celebrated dining spot perched atop the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, is putting the finishing touches to its ‘exciting’ refurbishment. 

As it gears up for its 15th Anniversary, the ‘iconic’ restaurant is undergoing a transformation that blends modern aesthetics with the venue's rich history and unique architecture.

The upgraded SIX Rooftop is set to introduce a host of enhancements including a dedicated bar area, a viewing lounge, an exclusive Chef’s Table, and a revamped menu that pays homage to its 15-year legacy. 

The redesign crafted by interior designer Julie Chambers embraces a darker colour scheme, creating an “inviting and intimate” atmosphere with improved acoustics and upgraded lighting.

The ambiance promises a “more immersive and tranquil experience” for guests. The rooftop restaurant, which originally opened in 2009 on Gateshead's Quayside, has been a go-to for those seeking exceptional dining with breathtaking views.

The venue, now boasting a deep natural palette with tones of green and grey, introduces a chic wooden floor and bar, a focal point for the venue's “renewed charm”. The viewing lounge offers a dedicated space and menu for casual dining, providing a “sophisticated yet relaxed” option overlooking the scenic River Tyne.

For those seeking an intimate culinary journey, SIX Rooftop's new Chef's Table accommodates parties of up to six, allowing guests to revel in the culinary magic happening in the kitchen. The “state-of-the-art” bar area is a highlight, featuring reeded glass and a stylish blend of stainless steel, marble, and wood.

Julie Chambers, the designer behind the remodelling, brings her expertise in crafting exquisite designs for commercial spaces, bars, and restaurants to create a modern ambiance that complements the history of the Baltic. Julie emphasises her commitment to enhancing the views from SIX Rooftop across Newcastle, Gateshead, and the River Tyne.

Roy Ng, Operations Director at SIX Rooftop, expressed excitement about the refurbishment, promising “not only a redefined physical space but also an elevated experience in both food and drinks”. 

The reopening date of Tuesday, 13 February 2024 coincides with SIX's crystal milestone 15th Anniversary.

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