Soothe Ocular Spa

‘Pioneering’ new eye care spa facility announces opening in Newcastle upon Tyne

Soothe Ocular Spa, a ‘pioneering’ establishment dedicated to the assessment and treatment of dry eye disease and blepharitis, has officially opened its doors in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Boasting a team of experienced eye care professionals, Soothe Ocular Spa is the first of its kind in the North East, aiming to bring “unparalleled relief” to those suffering from these conditions.

Dry eye disease and blepharitis can be debilitating, impacting individuals' daily lives. Recognizing the need for specialised care, Soothe Ocular Spa is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for uncomfortable, irritated, and watery eyes. 

The spa utilises the latest diagnostic equipment and offers up-to-date treatments that are not widely available elsewhere.

Jonathan Leech, the clinical director of Soothe Ocular Spa, expressed the significance of their mission, stating: "Dry eye can be a really debilitating condition that impacts greatly on those who suffer. 

“We want to give people a place, outside of a traditional optical practice, where they can receive specialised care and find relief in a more relaxed, spa-type environment. Soothe Ocular Spa is committed to setting a new standard in dry eye and blepharitis treatment in the North East."

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