Julie Miles.
Julie Miles, vocal coach and founder of Vocal Ovation.

Northumberland based vocal coach business celebrates “most triumphant period yet”

Julie Miles, a vocal coach and founder of Vocal Ovation based in Northumberland, has proudly announced a significant milestone in her “journey towards vocal excellence”. 

With more than 20 of her students having competed on the main UK and USA TV talent competitions, Julie solidifies her position as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Among those students are last year’s winners of The Voice UK, North East duo Jen & Liv (now officially renamed “Hunni”), Courtney Hadwin, who rose to fame following her “viral” audition on the 13th season of America's Got Talent after receiving the golden buzzer and Niamh Noade “The Girl with the Harp”, who also made it to the final on The Voice Kids.

In the past year Julie experienced her “most triumphant period yet”, with inquiries for vocal and performance training pouring in from across the globe. Today, she works with students from over 30 countries, spanning from America and Poland to Slovenia, Ireland, and the UK. 

Commenting on Vocal Ovation’s biggest success to date, Julie said: "I take immense pride in the evolution of my business journey. Vocal Ovation's success is a testament to the young talent out there just waiting to be unleashed. 

“I have always had a steadfast commitment to bringing out the very best in every singer I work with and achieve this through world class teacher training, years of experience and ongoing education in the music industry, as well as the unwavering support of my dedicated students and fellow industry peers.

"As we celebrate its 14th year anniversary in 2024, I'm as excited as ever for the opportunities ahead. I look forward to guiding my students on their journey to uncovering their authentic voices and realising their full potential as singers, performers, and artists.”

As a result of the pandemic in 2020, Julie shifted the majority of her teaching to virtual online platforms, effectively reaching around 70 per cent of her students. This method has proven highly beneficial for enhancing both vocal technique and performance skills, playing a significant role in expanding her client base beyond the UK.

In July last year, Vocal Ovation created a new venture “Future Stars” initiating a sequence of charity open mic fundraisers with the aim of offering young, aspiring teenagers and children a chance to acquire invaluable live singing performance experience. 

The funds raised went towards various charities, including the Chloe & Liam Forever Together Trust & Cash For Kids.

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