Chris White, director at CPMG and London office lead

London's design district remains home of international architects CPMG with new office

International architectural and interior design practice  CPMG has taken the next step in its London journey by opening a new studio in the heart of the city’s design district.  

Seven years after first establishing a base in the capital, CPMG has taken residence in its new office located next to Exmouth Market on Roseberry Avenue in Farringdon. The move has been completed to increase business resilience, encourage further growth and gain access to a wider pool of architects, technologists and designers.  
The move also represents CPMG’s progress in the South East as the business continues to grow in line with its strategy – based on delivering and winning more work in the region.  

Chris White, director and London office lead, said: “Opening our new office in London is something that the team and I are all extremely proud of. When we first set up in the region, the office was simply a business development hub, but now we’re welcoming clients to a design studio that truly represents who we are and what we’re capable of.  

“Over the past seven years, the foundations have been laid for an even more successful future and this latest step will only support our ever-increasing presence in London. Our repeat client percentage is nearly 80%, so we’re pleased to have a base which continues to offer us excellent access to all parts of the city – and our project sites too. Farringdon is an ideal place for us and the working environment we have created certainly matches all the perks London has to offer.”

The CPMG team in the capital now boasts 10 members, including both senior specialists and graduates. The business’ pipeline of work includes commissions in several key sectors, including education, residential and commercial. Key projects currently underway include schools for the Department for Education, adult social living and care homes, and the reconfiguration and extension of offices.

Richard Flisher, managing director at CPMG, said: “The London team’s talent and hard work has enabled us to grow our reputation both in the city and nationwide and with additional work comes the need to expand the London studio. We plan to continue growing sustainably ensuring the team structure is where it needs to be for everyone to flourish. The way we see it, growth isn’t just about numbers, it’s about having the right people: the employees need to be right for CPMG, but even more importantly, CPMG need to be right for them for the business to thrive.”

CPMG now has 60 staff across its offices in Nottingham, London, Birmingham and Hangzhou, China. For more than 30 years, the practice has been creating award-winning spaces that prioritise human needs, support growing communities, and embrace sustainability and innovation. 

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