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Manufacturing Company Gifts Defibrillator to Local Community

Graham Hart Processing Technology Ltd., the Bradford based heat transfer manufacturing specialists, have donated a defibrillator to the Friars Industrial Park for members of the local community to access.

The new model of defibrillator was purchased through the London Hearts Charity and is designed to make saving lives as simple as possible. Located on an external wall of their workshop based on the industrial park in the Idle area of the city, the life-saving device features real time feedback that guides the rescuer through the process with animation coaching and voice prompts. 

Defibrillation within 3 – 5 minutes after cardiac arrest can produce survival rates as high as 50 – 70%. 

Chris Hart, Managing Director of Graham Hart Processing Technology Ltd., says:

“Safety is paramount to our company ethos, and installing a defibrillator on-site aligns with our commitment to supporting the well-being of our community. One of our team recently had a pace-maker fitted, which further prompted our decision to purchase the defibrillator.

Placing it in a readily accessible location ensures that anyone in need can promptly access life-saving assistance, potentially saving precious minutes that can make a critical difference in cardiac emergencies.”

The global engineering company has not only funded the acquisition and installation of the defibrillator but has also pledged to undertake the ongoing maintenance of the equipment which is registered with the national defibrillator network, The Circuit which provides the NHS ambulance services with vital information about defibrillators across the UK.

Graham Hart Processing Technology Ltd. recently celebrated their 50th anniversary as a global design and manufacturer of high integrity heat transfer and specialised pressure equipment. Renowned for supplying bespoke products to leading corporations and manufacturers worldwide across diverse sectors such as oil and gas, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace, Graham Hart Ltd. has built a reputation for excellence in both innovation and performance.

For more information about Graham Hart Processing Technology Ltd. and their services and products, please visit their website. 

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