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**Welcome to R&B Group**. For our website head straight to [www.rbgroup.co.uk](http://www.rbgroup.co.uk) You may already know that we are a leading event production and communication business, specialising in producing memorable events which audiences enjoy! Our work means that we are often involved with some rather complicated technology, but you needn’t worry about that! Just explain what you are trying to achieve and leave the technical stuff to us. Without giving away any trade secrets, our recipe is straightforward. We employ talented event professionals, own a massive range of professional lighting, sound, audio-visual and staging equipment and offer high-definition and 3D motion graphic and video design. Then we add some amazingly dedicated and creative Project Managers as our “chefs” to combine these ingredients into bespoke events for you, and your guests, to enjoy! We have been in business for 21 years and are widely recognised as being great at what we do; our clients tell us regularly that we take the stress away from them, propose innovative solutions and exceed their expectations. Every event that we produce is different. Each “dish” is blended with exactly the right amount of creativity, technology and talent. So take a look around our website [www.rbgroup.co.uk](http://www.rbgroup.co.uk) and then sample one of our events for yourself by giving us a call today on 0191 276 3999. We look forward to serving you very soon.

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