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Wolf Group is a software and IT consultancy company based in the North East. Founded in 1998, Managing Director Marc Fowler saw the need to provide high-quality bespoke software solutions and consultancy services to clients in a cost effective and timely manner. The team at Wolf consists of a group of highly capable individuals who draw talent from working in a range of different market sectors ...that include but are not limited to; Finance, Utilities, Health care and Automotive industries. So if you’re looking for an IT company competent in project management, analysis, development, architecture, database administration, business intelligence or testing, the chances are we can help! While Wolf Software and Wolf Consultancy are tailored towards meeting business needs, the Wolf Academy was established in response to the growing shortage of skilled IT professionals in the region. The Wolf Academy aims to provide under 25s and professionals seeking new training with the necessary skills required to gain employment or to progress to the next level within the IT sector. The future goal for Wolf is to further develop the organisation to become a leading software development company while continuing its work with the local community giving people the opportunity to gain new skills, nurturing each individual’s desire to learn.

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