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Punch Robson pledges future to historical home

One of the North East’s oldest legal practices has pledged its future to the town where it was established more than 130 years ago - despite being frustrated in its search for new headquarters.

Punch Robson Solicitors has had an office in Middlesbrough since 1877, but for several years has been seeking a move from its offices in Albert Road to a more suitable town centre location.

“We moved onto this site in 1898 and the current offices have served us well since the late 1960s,” said Partner Stewart Williamson. “However, Punch Robson has grown significantly in the past 20 years or so, and the offices are simply not configured in a style that meets the needs of a modern legal practice.”

Mr Williamson said Punch Robson’s fruitless search was due to the lack of the right kind of office development in the right location.

He said: “Developers, perhaps understandably, are reluctant in the current climate to spend money on speculative office developments. Where they have, the proposed rents are too high, and where the rent is reasonable, there always seems to be issues with access, parking or other important considerations. We are being frustrated at every corner.

“We are continuously reminded of the high levels of regeneration in Middlesbrough, notably at Middlehaven, which include a number of office developments, but none so far have met our needs, and we are having to remain patient until the right opportunity comes along.”

The firm wishes to remain close to Middlesbrough’s Crown and magistrates’ courts for it litigation work, and also wants to maintain a shop-front presence.

Mr Williamson added: “The message we want to send out is that Punch Robson, a legal practice in Middlesbrough for 131 years, remains totally committed to its historical home.”

For further information contact Stewart Williamson on 01642 230700

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