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Small firms 'cautious' about employing young women

Small business owners are the most cautious when it comes to hiring young women, according to a survey by recruitment agency

The survey found that 49% of business owners take into account a candidate’s age and gender with 81% admitting they would ask female job seekers their future and current family plans if the law permitted.

Employment laws prevent these types of questions, but 50% of managers say they consider a woman’s relationship status and age, to try and establish whether they would become pregnant while working for the company.

Lisette Howlett, managing director of, said: “This topic raises some very difficult issues and although employment laws clearly state an employer cannot discriminate against a pregnant woman or a single mother, managers from small companies in particular are undoubtedly nervous about the added cost of funding maternity cover or dealing with quick dashes out of the office to see to a sick child.”

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