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Behind the scenes with FIYOM Ventures Limited

FIYOM Ventures Limited is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company with main focus on ?Information Systems and Management Consultancy?. Our Mission is to help businesses develop their use of Information and Communication Systems in such a manner as to manage them successfully and efficiently. This will help them to maximise their profits by taking advantage of emerging technologies. We are presently focussed on Cloud Services Management, Business Intelligence and Risk Management, CCTV Security Systems Management, IT Governance, Information and security.

What key challenges has your company recently faced?

In the face of evolution of the ?cloud computing? into the business environment, the non-availability of funds has stalled migration of many businesses into the new face of technology. Though it is cheaper and you only pay for what you use, businesses are still managing what they have and used to, in order to manage to the utmost their little resources.

What is your biggest achievement over the past 12 months?

Being able to reappraise the business environment and changed the focus of our business plan to accommodate the present situation of ?surviving first and growing later?.

What is your biggest focus for the coming year?

As informed above, we intend to move towards the era of growth in our business as well as being able to provide the best service available to our clients and customers alike. It must also be noted that the Government has started to face the reality of changing from Public Sector-led economy into the Private Sector-led. That is the only way the economy would grow with less impact on the Government funding. In a matter of months, jobs will be created by this sector and the economy will start to grow.

If you had to choose one top piece of advice for someone just starting out in business, or is currently operating within your industry sector, what would it be?

She/he should not be deterred about the present level of development and economic situation but should move slowly towards achieving the objects of his/her business plan. Though, It will be very difficult initially but with perseverance and focus, it will be achieved.

Can you share with us your view of the current landscape of business, in this region or generally and where your organisation sits within it?

The current landscape of business development and/or growth in this region has been on lower side when compared with other regions. Though, there are potentials and opportunities, the movement of the workforce to the Public Sector not only affected the economy of the region but also killed the industries that are paramount to its growth. A situation where Public Sector workers are being paid equal or higher wages than the Private Sector staff is not of any sound economic reasoning. They don?t work the same way and therefore no comparison in terms of wages. Most Private Sector businesses do not have structured Pension Scheme for their staff to take care of their retirement period. Therefore they required to be rightly paid for their work life and after work life.

Our organisation believes that it is a negative propaganda on the part of the Government to be promoting ?Skills acquisition? at the expense of ?University education/degree? at this time. This is because we are in ?information age? and we have to move with the trend. When the economy starts to grow, most businesses will look for people that will add values to them with what they know or have learnt and not the man/woman that will continue to do same things all the time.

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