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Talking IP with Craig Olugbode

Intellectual Property (IP) has received more time in the spotlight over the last few years, prompted not least by a number of publicised disputes involving high profile businesses and celebrities.

Bdaily recently chatted to Craig Olugbode, managing director of Own My IP, a new platform that facilitates the transfer of copyright, and secures an important component of all businesses.

Craig says: “We really want to educate people about IP, and highlight the reasons why businesses need to look after their copyright - why it’s crucial to the security of a business and the protection of their brand.”

Own my IP allows users to transfer copyright ownership on creative work (designs, logos and photographs and written copy), among a whole raft of detail that is fundamental to businesses. Craig continues: “In our research we found there was ambiguity around who owns copyright. Whether this be the agencies thinking the customer owned it, the customer thinking they owned it, or when looking at agencies and freelancers, both these parties thought they owned it. For both examples there were definite grey areas.

“Often copyright is not transferred over automatically from creator to buyer unless otherwise stated in a contract, if indeed one has been done.”

The Own My IP concept aims to tie up all the loose ends for the creators, and purchasers of creative works, as facilitating a secure transfer that is often overlooked, as projects and campaigns are completed or come to an end.

Craig and his team have commissioned a white paper which examines closely some of the ways in which businesses can be impacted if they fail to make their IP watertight.

“With Own My IP, we’ve created a platform that is complementary to other legal services, it will sit alongside existing expertise to make sure businesses are properly protected.

“Businesses need to protect these significant investments in their creative work, and beyond, and this needs to be as easy as possible for them.”

Craig has high hopes for Own My IP as a web app that can be used across tablets, phones and desktop; and as a cross-border solution for an increasingly international marketplace.

To find out more about Own My IP, visit the company’s website here.

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