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Cameron tells small business that regulatory burdens have been slashed

The Prime Minister is expected to tell small businesses that the coalition has exceeded its target of scrapping or amending 3,000 regulatory burdens, as he addresses the Federation of Small Business policy conference today.

Mr Cameron will announce plans to help business meet environmental obligations along with simplification of standards for new house builders.

A excerpt from the PM’s anticipated speech makes reference to fear of the “ever greater pile of EU-inspired bureaucracy,” and how he has fought against this.

He is expected to say: “Supporting business is a crucial part of our long term economic plan, creating jobs and security for all. That is why, among so many other things, I have insisted on slashing needless regulation. We will be the first government in modern history to have reduced - rather than increased – domestic business regulation during our time in office.

“This will make it easier for you to grow, to create jobs and to help give this country the long-term security we are working towards. More than 1.3 million new jobs have been created since I came to office – many of them by small businesses.

“And I know many of you want to grow further – or may be thinking of employing your first person - but have been put off or held back by red tape.”

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