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North East workers among most settled in jobs

People in the North are amongst the most settled in their careers the UK, with almost one in three not prepared to relocate for their dream job, new research commissioned by House Buyer Bureau has found.

Just one in four Northerners indicated they would move overseas for their ultimate post at work, compared with almost one-third of people in the Midlands indicating they would be happy to move overseas for their dream position.

In the North, almost half (45%) would be disposed to move up to 100 miles for their dream job, with more than one quarter (28%) willing to relocate up to 500 miles, the figures from research conducted by ICM have shown.

The figures indicate people in the North are slightly more settled than the rest of the UK, with figures showing that just 25% of people in the South East would be unwilling to move for their dream role, with this figure 29% nationally.

The research has also show that younger people are more willing to move for that dream job, with 65% of 18 to 24 year-olds willing to move up to 50 miles for their dream job, with the same figure for people aged 54 to 65 standing at just 43%.

Women are also less likely to want to relocate for their dream job than men, with one third of women (33%) saying they would not be prepared to move, compared to just one in four men (26%), while just one in five women (21%) would be willing to move overseas for their ultimate job, compared to almost one in three men (30%).

Chris Hodgkinson, sales director at House Buyer Bureau, a company which buys difficult to market homes for cash, said: “People in the North are more settled than people in the rest of the UK, with this research indicating they would be less willing to relocate for that dream position.

“However, there are still a large proportion of people in the North who would be willing to relocate overseas or up to 500 miles for their ultimate role at work. The figures perhaps reflect the ambition and career focus of people in this part of the UK, particularly given that the research has been carried out at a time when the economy is improving and the jobs market in the UK is picking up considerably.

“Anecdotally, we have recently seen a rise in people from the North inquiring with us about wanting to sell their home quickly to allow them to relocate for a new job, which suggests the UK jobs market is beginning to bolster as the wider economy strengthens.”

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