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Leading osteopath warns against wearing ill fitting schoolbags

It’s got to that point in the year again when the summer holidays are nearing an end and the audible groan of a million mums and dads can be heard above the clamour for new school uniforms. But who takes the same time and care over choosing which school bag to buy?

Carrying bags is part of normal life, from handbags to rucksacks, from briefcases to suitcases – but start thinking about what you are carrying and how you carry it because it might just drag you down.

Leading East Yorkshire osteopath Robert Wadsworth says that if we put the time in now, our loved ones will reap the benefits of a healthy back for years to come.

“The figures are a real eye opener when you hear as many as 50% of 14 year olds have now experienced back pain.

“This can lead to absence from school, low self esteem, difficulties taking part in sports and can lead to poor concentration. This is a very real issue and child back pain sufferers are four times more likely to get back pain as an adult “.

It’s a fact that school children nowadays carry more than they used to do because many schools do not have sufficient locker space. But even at primary school level, on the first day of term even the littlest ones can be seen - just about (!) - swaying underneath a mass of school bag, PE bag, indoor shoes and trainers.

Robert’s advice is to think ahead. As well as spending time deliberating over pencil cases and fancy folders, take the time to locate a bag that’s just right for your little…or big…one!

His top tips for safe steps to school and back:

Keep balanced! Have one bag in each hand to balance up the load.

Choose rucksacks! They are great because the load is carried centrally and close to the spine reducing the work your muscles have to do. Use both straps to keep the load more even.

Choose daily items! Don’t carry more than is necessary and leave items on your school peg or locker that don’t need to come home every day.

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