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Sheffield’s Hottest Startup is Stopping Marketing Fraud

Sheffield’s hottest start up is stopping marketing fraud in some of the biggest companies with it’s world leading SaaS application. Software as a service is one the most popular ways to do things in the digital age, whereby companies now replace the drags and dregs of in house software with an outsourced solution that is located in the cloud.

“Little Hinges Swing Big Doors“

Databowl started off as secret weapon used in house by marketing agency MediaBowl to combat the rising ad fraud that they had seen on the internet and in lead generation. The SaaS product sift, sorts and screens leads to make sure they are non-fraudulent, valid and not already on file.

In a short time this software went from one developer to a core team of 6 running massive volumes of internet traffic through it. Shortly afterwards agencies wanted to know how they could get their own hands on it.

For good reason also, the staggering statistics outline that between 20-30% of leads that companies buy or acquire through publishers will be completely unresponsive from being invalid or fraudulent.

Simon Delaney the founder of DataBowl says ‘It’s amazing, we now have clients saving tens of thousands a month using DataBowl each month just by plugging into our screening process. It will astound you to see what really goes on when you take a look behind the scenes’

DataBowl has it’s sights set high with the relentless mission of cutting out lead fraud altogether. Just like the way SPAM is in perpetual decline as the filters become more advanced, the same thing will happen to lead fraud once everyone is plugged into a system. The new integrated Programmatic lead purchasing features being added to the system will only enhance the offering even further in the future.

They are just in the process of moving offices to bigger premises in Kelham Island Sheffield to cater for this new explosive demand.

To find out more about the company and how to make sure that your leads are fraud free click here

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