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The concept of general document translation services refers to the translation of non-specific texts from a particular area. While most of the translators are considered generalists and are used to take care of translations of all kinds, these General certified translation services constitute perhaps a species of genus apart where the raw material the ability to perform a translation and natural, correct and adapted to the context.

Type General and commercial Professional Translation Services

The translation of General and commercial texts is a species of genus apart in the sector of professional translation. He is characterized by a relatively simple textual typology of master (just a series of formal conventions for each language and culture) and the moderate difficulty terminology. For this reason, the rate of general language translation services are the lowest, since you can work at a higher pace than in other fields of translation. In terms of commercial document translation services, translators of Translation services UK especially take into account all the factors that influence the quality of a translation: the context, the cultural references, the audience to which the document…

We know your company’s image and the effect that creases in your client that is at stake. Why our qualified translators respect the meaning of the text and provide the creativity necessary to give translations that work. The reader perceives the translated texts as if they had been written directly in their language from the beginning.

Technical Translations

Technical translation is undoubtedly the largest volume of work in the sector of professional translation. It covers texts such as manuals, patents, scientific articles, medical documents, etc. In Translation services Company UK we use the best computer resources to respond to technical certified translation services of large volume of work with quality, terminological coherence and efficiency. Among these resources (not including machine translation in any case), we have translation memories, termbases and reliable sources of technical documentation. Each translation project is assigned to a translator or translator’s technical team specialized in this area to give you the best result.

Technical translation service

If you are looking for the best technical Professional translation services, it has the market leading technical translation agency. Only with Translation services UK you will get a professional technical translation, to the height of your company.

Sworn Translation

There are certain official documents (birth certificates, certificates of marriage, transcripts, etc.) that require the seal of a sworn interpreter (sworn translator) to be valid before the public administration of a given country. At Translation services UK we have translator’s official jury recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At least you’ll have your sworn document translation services ready to present it to anybody.

If you are looking for the best service of sworn translation, it has sworn translations agency leader in the market. It reduces the cost of the process thanks to our certified translation prices.

Software localization

The location is a concept that includes the translation of the content of a video game or software and its adaptation to a specific market, taking into account the semiotic and cultural references of the target public. We have experience in the translation of video games and software of all kinds for end-customers at the highest level (Nintendo, PlayStation, Blizzard, etc.).

Website Translation Services

Every day is more important to be well positioned on the Web to cover the international market. We can translate your web site so that you can expand your business. Do not hesitate: leave it in our hands.

One of the unique services we provide is the web search engine positioning, that is to optimize the textual content and programming of a web so that it appears in the first results of the search engines for certain keywords. Get in touch and we will tell you how!

If you are looking for the best technical translation service, it has the Agency’s translation of web pages leading in the market.

Literary Translation

Literary translation requires great linguistic sensitivity and an exceptional communicative competence. The literary translator is primarily an expert reader and a writer able to navigate with ease in a wide variety of styles, registers and themes. Translation services UK translators have experience in the translation of all kinds of literary works: novels, short stories, poetry, and comics.

If you are looking for the best literary certified translation services, it has the translation of literary translation agency.

Subtitling Services

Captioning is a form of audiovisual translation booming, mainly thanks to its use in DVD and other digital formats. In Translation services UK we use the best software on the market and our experience to translate, to synchronize and to insert subtitles in various formats of videos, films, documentaries, series… Insert subtitles perfectly synchronized in any medium.

Perhaps the most critical phase for the final result is the music, which consists of dialogues division into independent units, each of which take a sub-title single or double. It is worth noting that captioning requires a major synthesis of the dialogue to allow for comfortable reading.

If you are looking for the best subtitling service, it has the Agency’s leading subtitling on the market. Professional subtitles inserted by a company specializing in all types of subtitling.

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