A helping Hand For Home Buyers
Duncan Pattinson

Smarter Conveyancing Comes To Town

A Helping Hand For Homebuyers And Investors

Property Buyers must have Building Insurance in place on exchange of contracts. Failure isn’t an option, as it is a Mortgage Lender requirement before they release funds.

Flexible Friend

We Help You Too Ltd has launched in conjunction with Onesearch Direct and Northcott Beaton, a Homebuyers flexible friend. The Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

Property Solicitors are under pressure to get to exchange of contracts without delay, since this is where UK Homebuyers and Investors are legally bound to complete and neither party can pull out once exchange has been reached.

The policy covers building insurance between exchange of contracts and completion for upto 28 days.

Benefits both Homebuyer and their Solicitor

The Homebuyer can visit the Homebuyer Conveyancing website and compare accurate conveyancing quotes without entering any personal details.

They can filter their conveyancing results by price, location and by Mortgage Lender. Calculating their conveyancing costs before they instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor is so important.

When ready they can take a conveyancing quote away and at the same time they can consider taking out the Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance.

Both quote and policy details are sent to the Buyers inbox.

The Buyer can schedule a call directly from their chosen Homebuyer Conveyancing Solicitor.

In the past Solicitors left it as late as is possible to ask their Buyer Clients, to take out the Lender required building insurance. This was difficult for most, as they would either have to speak with their current insurance company to see if the new property could be added to an existing policy or they would take out another new insurance.

Bearing in mind that the Buyer at this point hasn’t exchanged and the transaction could still fail.

Smarter Conveyancing

The Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance provides breathing time for the Buyer after exchange of contracts to search the UK building insurance market, by either contacting their Broker or visiting the many insurance price comparison websites.

The Policy has a Flexible Start date

The policy becomes in force on the day of exchange, ensuring no delays are made.

The Solicitor knows with certainty that they have building insurance in place.

Sometimes it is the simple changes that make such a difference.

We Help You Too Ltd that manages the national Homebuyer Conveyancing panel already provides Homebuyers with the conveyancing comparison tools to search the conveyancing market.

Now Homebuyers can add the Flexi Smart Insurance without obligation to their purchase quote.

When the Homebuyer Solicitor is instructed, the Solicitor can conveniently order the policy via their Onesearch Direct ordering portal.




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