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Nurali Aliyev is providing charity to IT startups in Kazakhastan

Nurali Aliyev, Chairman of Capital Holding is supporting IT startups in Kazakhstan through a Charity Foundation called “Zhanartu”. The Private Charity fund which means renewal in Kazakhstan, has been established by Nurali Aliyev and his wife Aida Aliyeva is focused on promoting entrepreneurs to take part in the IT development of the country. The Astana-based Charity Fund which is supporting IT Talent in Kazakhstan works.

In recent years, Kazakhstan has shown great growth in the number of startups which have been founded. The country had also hosted TechConnect – the largest tech conference in Central Asia. Yet, Nurali Aliyev feels that in the era of global competitiveness, it is imperative to financially encourage the youth of the country. “The youngsters to whom innovations are a matter for the soul are looking to start their own ventures and we should be promoting that as an investment for the future,” said the ex-mayor of Astana city.

While pointing out the problems faced by the IT startups, Nurali Aliyev said that many startups who had a lot of potential had quit in the past due to shortage of finance. Although the Kazak government provides certain grants, he claimed that the amounts are not as per the investment which is required to expand a successful business. Mr. Aliyev further added that Kazakhstan’s startup ecosystem has a fair amount of limitation in terms of the number of quality engineers that the country is producing.

Nurali Aliyev’s foundation Zhantaru is, therefore, promoting the young seeds which will be sprout in the years to come. The fund had organized international social, gender events like the Technovation Challenge which is aimed at developing IT and entrepreneurial skills among girls from 10 to 18 years old. Further, children from remote rural areas of Kazakhstan are provided high-quality secondary education, unhindered access to the Internet and the availability of computer skills to Kazakh schoolchildren.

Nurali Aliyev who had also headed “Transtelecom” JSC, one of the largest telecommunications operators of the Republic of Kazakhstan envisions on being a guiding light to young entrepreneurs. During his tenure as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Transtelecom, the 32-year-old businessman has made waves from bringing in investment from giants like Hewlett-Packard and Huawei into Kazakhstan. The country’s startup ecosystem is bound to be benefitted with Nurali’s knowledge in the IT and telecommunication market in Kazakhstan, whilst providing them international exposure.

In the years to come,* Nurali Aliyev *is expected to be providing international exposure to the entrepreneurs, specifically by guiding startups for strategic expansion in South East Asia through Zhantaru.

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