Gener8's new technology tailors ads to users and offers rewards.
Jane Imrie

Gener8 launches revenue-generating ad blocker

London company Gener8 is launching new technology that will allow internet users to select the type of adverts they see while earning rewards for doing so.

CEO and Founder of Gener8, Sam Jones, commented: “Our mission is to be amongst the world’s first brands that enable people to control and monetise their data. We believe we will shake up the advertising industry by putting the consumer first.”

The Gener8 technology enables users to choose the adverts they see while browsing online, receiving tokens for every ad seen which can then be converted into currency and either donated to charity or moved into the user’s own bank account.

Anticipating resistance from online advertisers, Sam explained: “With 89% of Gener8’s users having previously used ad blockers, Gener8 is, in fact, bringing people back into the advertising eco-system and, as such, benefitting the industry in the long-term.

“We are already engaging in conversations about how we intend to work with publishers keen to move to a more user-approved model: when your consumer values your approach and doesn’t feel exploited, you’re more likely to secure their loyalty.”

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