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Producing an empathetic culture

Have you ever reflected on the business culture within your company? Is it strict or lenient, professional or casual? Over the past 18 months business cultures have changed and are unlikely to ever return to the way they were. Indeed, as employees start to return to the office or adopt a hybrid approach cultures will need to shift. A big part of this will be embracing empathy.

Steps towards empathy

Hybrid working leads typically to a split in cultures, between those spending their time centrally and those remote. Customer experience, at its core, relies on an empathetic tone with those engaging with it. Why should this be any different for the teams within a business as a whole?

The first step towards making a change is to end the idea of remote workers acting separately to office-based employees. Wherever an individual is based, their work can be demanding, stressful, and complex.

To achieve a successful transition, meeting the needs of the workforce is crucial. Implementing a change without any feedback from employees is sure to fail. There are five core areas to embrace.

Firstly, you must welcome learning. Professional development opportunities for all employees build relationships between levels of hierarchy. Second, use some common sense. After a rough year some employees may need a different approach than others. Thirdly, accept change. Big shifts in business culture can produce resistance from those comfortable in the old.

Fourthly you should look to implement a change right now. There is no time like the present, especially with lockdown restrictions set to ease further by the end of June. Finally, enjoy the small successes. Wholesale change takes time and effort, celebrating each achievement can keep momentum rolling.

Playvox operates with employees around the globe, therefore know that culture changes from region to region. But following these five simple steps, you may be surprised by the changes.

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