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Amazingly enough, every other week someone approaches me to get some relevant career advice.
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One-Stop Solution for Your Successful Career Goal - A Guide of 7 Tactics

Amazingly enough, every other week someone approaches me to get some relevant career advice. But, what made me qualified for this? Maybe the fact that I started my career at the early age of 12.

Throughout this journey, I have made a lot of mistakes. So here I am stating what I have learned from my mistakes for those who believe in learning from other people’s experiences.

Over this “Career journey”, I have worked as a dishwasher, a plumber, an accountant, a ski instructor, a waiter, a marketer, a laborer, a bartender, a delivery boy, a laborer, a gardener, a management consultant, and for a large part of last decade, a CEO.

Besides selecting a person to spend your whole life with, the decisions you make about your professional life are the most affecting ones. Sadly, people are not much taught in this regard as to what is important and all of this leads us to make bad choices.

Certainly, the amount of societal pressure and advice from each person makes us make terrible decisions regarding a critical element of life - the career.

As a personal inspection, I have done better than expectations predominantly because I was lucky enough to come across some of the key principles. It is certainly a difficult task to dissolve almost 26 years of experience in a cup of hot coffee. So to share my experience and to help millions of career seekers out there I am putting together what I have learned throughout the years.

I always wished that I should have learned these tactics a bit earlier, but anyway, here they are. The Core Principles that You Should Keep in Pocket

  1. A Stool with Three Legs One should definitely have a career opportunity that helps in supporting their “life goals”, provide “energy and enthusiasm”, and plays a character of your “core strength”. Let’s suppose these features are the three legs of a stool. What will happen if there is no 3rd leg? Of course, the stool will fall over, right? Consecutively, there is no successful career if one of the aforementioned features are missing.

Are you willing to know why even talented people go through a thing called a mid-life crisis?

They focus on building their career mainly on the basis of economic growth. Sadly, at the age of 45, they realize that they are pursuing jobs they are not comfortable with, having bad relationships with those who are important, not good in health, and are almost unhappy.

Keep in mind, the goal of a career is to advance the way you live. The goal of your life is not to advance your career.

  1. Don’t Listen to Everyone in the Name of Career Advice Almost 90% of this career advice is awful.

While most of them are given with a good intention, they don’t need to have a good result too. The most trustworthy advice I had was from my father, but of course, it was based on a strategy that worked for him with the vision of his skills, life orientation, and other interests.

The basis of any advice is the same: people are more confident about what others should and can do instead of what they can and should do.

Apart from that, another complex question that we come across is “what I should do”. This question to self is often complex and the mind tells you a simple formula - if you have studied law, be a lawyer or if you have studied marketing be a marketing agent.

To be very honest, the amount of time one wastes in getting the answer to this simple question should be considered a tragedy.

Want to know a solution?

Evolve your question. Try to understand what gives you positive energy, and what feels like a burden. Focus on how to start doing something that gives you energy and how to stop doing what drains your energy. This way you will find yourself on the path of a successful career.

  1. Play Your Cards the Right Way Each one of you has come across certain sets of cards. But are you aware that you have the opportunity to swap the card in order to improve the game? In conclusion, you have to play your cards the best you can every time to gain a successful position.

For instance, a history student, redeem online History Dissertation Writing Services in order to elevate his/her grades. Likewise, optimize the work you do and try to go with the strategies which are more effective and less time-consuming.

  1. 3 Ultimately Important Things There are 3 things that are extremely important when it comes to what matters the most in life. These 3 things perform as a platform for your success and happiness.

● The person you are with ● The place you live ● The work you do

These three things should be in a typical order to retain a healthy life and career growth.

  1. “Who” Matters More than “What” in Work Too 98% of people become a part of a certain company because they are “fond” of the market, the product, the salary, the industry, and the perks. Actually, none of these things matter.

As for me, I would personally prefer working with inspiring and brilliant people in a funeral arrangements company (I am saying this as I have been in such a company once) than some ordinary people in a fancy fashion house (I have worked there too).

To be precise, it is “who” that lets you have a well-defined career journey. It is “who” that teaches you and invests in you in order to make you a better version of yourself.

  1. Nobody Leaves a Bad Company, People Leave Bad Bosses Not just your parents and spouse but your bosses too are more likely to have an extreme impact on your everyday life and the goal you are trying to achieve. Try to eliminate negativity as much as possible and never compromise with a bad boss.

How to know if your boss is good or bad? Look for the two things:

  1. They have the will to teach you new things.
  2. They wholeheartedly look forward to your success.

When I look into my past life, I realize I have wasted many years of my life on people who do not have those boss attributes.

  1. Make Sure to Keep Learning More than Earning If you believe the only purpose of work is to earn money - unapologetically, you are wrong! To work just to earn money is like compromising your personal growth with your own hands.

Make sure you are learning a new thing if not every day then every week or every month. Make certain that your personal growth is far more important than any amount of money.

At Last, Be Sure of What You Do as You are the Superhero of Your Life Adventure Looking forward to life seems like a tough task as it looks more like a maze that is high risk, complex, and undiscovered. Till one realizes that eventually, they will be able to join the dots one after the another and everything will be OKAY in the end.

There will be times when you will find your career the most uninteresting one. In such times, always remember that you are the boss of your career and there is an ocean of choices and options out there. Remind yourself that there are people who don’t have such a privilege.

Your life and work should go hand in hand to achieve a happy and contented outcome.

Good luck.

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