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How webinars can help you raise the profile of your business and engage with a global audience

22 Mar 2017 by

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we’re constantly inundated with new ways to communicate with our audience. Social platforms that we’d associate as being predominantly used for business to consumer (B2C) advertising and leisurely browsing (Snapchat, Instagram.etc) are now becoming a useful tool in a business to business (B2B) context. The rise of the ‘micro-influencer’ and celebrity endorsements are exposing audiences to advertising on a much more personal level. It’s becoming increasingly easier to communicate to a mass audience, which…

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5 quick ways to improve user experience

09 Feb 2017 by

User experience (UX) is one of the most important aspects of any business that has an online presence. Defined as the overall experience of a person using a website, UX’s core principle is how easy or pleasing the website is to use. In essence, as a business looking to build its brand image, everything you post and everything you implement should focus on creating the best and most complete user experience. Creating value for the user will give them a reason…

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Sunrise over Liverpool

Industrial Strategy: What’s in store for the North West?

27 Jan 2017 by

The Government has been relatively quiet on all things Northern Powerhouse since last summer, when former PM David Cameron stepped down following the EU Referendum and Theresa May took the helm at Whitehall. But all that changed this week with the unveiling of the Government’s Green Paper, Building our Industrial Strategy – the beginning of what looks like a new drive for more government intervention in UK industry. Rather than outright replacing ex-Chancellor George Osborne’s plans for a Northern Powerhouse, Westminster appears…

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The launch of Bdaily’s Webinar Series

21 Nov 2016 by

On the 29th November we are launching our Bdaily Webinar series, with ‘Time to talk scaleups’. Focusing on the North West, we’ll be exploring the scaleup debate with three influencers from the region that are supporting the region’s scaleup landscape. You may have noticed that our editorial team are turning the spotlight towards scaleups in a new series, where we will be investigating and researching these high growth, small firm businesses and their impact on the economy. Our first webinar will work…

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10 Ways Your Business Benefits From Social Media

25 Oct 2016 by

Social media has encompassed, engulfed and entertained people internationally for the last decade. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have dominated the social world and have a large share of the 2.3 billion people who are actively using the various forms of social media. For shrewd businesses the existence of social media has projected them to the forefront of their industries, whilst other, let’s say, less-adaptive businesses have watched as their rivals overtook them. At first, many said it will…

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How Branding Buffs Up Your Marketing Bravado

05 Oct 2016 by

With more and more businesses competing for online traffic, custom and engagement, the influence and importance of branding has become crystal clear to market leaders across the globe. Simply posting content for content’s sake isn’t enough, to stand a chance of rising above the noise your brand has to be unique, bold and more importantly it has to resonate with your target market. But a brand does more than simply increase your earning potential. A good brand creates a community of people…

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How Email Marketing Can Build Small Enterprise Branding

Creating a successful email marketing campaign

12 Sep 2016 by

Email marketing campaigns are great for capturing your audience’s attention and, whether you want them to register for an event, sign up to your website or purchase your product, they can be a brilliant way to make them take action too. In December last year, we blogged that email marketing was back and stressed the importance of ensuring your e-shot was suitable for mobile and tablet users as well as desktop, and highlighted the advantages of using email marketing to communicate…

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6 Reasons Video Is Taking Over The World

01 Sep 2016 by

At the end of each year, marketing experts will predict what marketing techniques, strategies and platforms are going to take off in the new year. One very predictable marketing device that has exploded in 2016 (well, it exploded years ago but is continuing to do so) is the use of video and multimedia. Stats show that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. There’s no wonder social giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all focusing their efforts…

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Smarketing - The Sales And Marketing Tag Team Champions

25 Aug 2016 by

Sales and marketing teams are key cogs in your business and without them you’d struggle to both make money and make potential clients aware of the great work you are doing. However, in many organisations there can be a cavernous gap between these two crucial teams with both operating independently of each other despite them being two sides of the same coin. Notoriously both teams have competed with each other. But this is 2016, a time to forget about all of that…

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Droidcon Berlin 2015 - Tag 1

Top ten tips for creating a quality Members’ News article on Bdaily

09 Aug 2016 by

Did you know thousands of people are now taking advantage of Bdaily’s Members’ News Section- a professional platform for you to post your business-related content? Whether you have a bank of content ready to publish or you have that one great business piece that you just need to share with the world, read our top ten tips on how to fine tune your publishing. 1. Headline  Your headline should be concise, eye-catching and interesting enough to make someone want to read on.…

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evergreens on wheeler’s peak, new mexico

Useful tips for creating evergreen content

28 Jun 2016 by

If you’re involved in marketing, SEO or if you’ve set yourself up as a regular blogger, you will have heard of the term of evergreen content. Possibly one of the, if not the most, essential piece of content to include on your site to ensure that you’re getting an ongoing, regular stream of traffic that keeps those visitor stats looking pretty. Essentially, evergreen content continues to stay relevant long after it’s published, making it the perfect addition to any publication. Evergreen…

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Five digital display advertising tips

07 Mar 2016 by

Digital Advertising is one of those things you’ve either heard great things about or bad. One thing is for sure: when digital display advertising is done well and it’s on the right platform for your prospective customers to see, it can lead to a successful online campaign that gets results. Everyone has their own ideas of how to do this, their own preferred way and how to apply it. Even those involved with digital advertising always have ideas on how to implement that…

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