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Bdaily flies the nest

by Miranda Dobson

February flew by here at Bdaily, and the changes have been coming fast and strong. Since we were acquired by our lovely new colleagues Ground Six at the end of last year we’ve been working hard to make Bdaily the best it can be for our readers. We’ve changed our personalised bulletin design (and we’re still welcoming your comments!) and as well as a raft of other improvements to the website.

And it’s not just all-change online for Bdaily. As the newest member of the editorial team, I’ve moved over to the North West to become the region’s dedicated reporter. I’m now based bang in the middle of Liverpool, Chester and Manchester, so I’ll be getting out and about in the North West to put the word out about Bdaily, as well as covering business news from the region.

Of course I’ll still be keeping up with national news and pieces from other areas of the UK, but with an especial focus on the North West. Leaving everyone in the Newcastle office behind wasn’t easy, but this is a really exciting opportunity for Bdaily to spread its wings and really connect with all the regions we cover. The North West is where I originate from after all!

Never fear though. This latest venture doesn’t mean we’ll be neglecting our faithful North East readers who have been following Bdaily from the start. Our daily bulletin is still customisable and personalised to each subscriber’s needs, so make sure you update your preferences to get the news and stories relevant to you.

If you have any comments about Bdaily and how we’ve been adapting lately we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you have any news, opinion or advice stories that you’d like to get in touch with our news team would be more than happy to speak to you. Visit the Contact Us page to get through to the main office, or go to the Bdaily teams’ profiles to reach us directly.