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Online content marketing can achieve 30% more value - put down the newspaper!

by Graham Vincent

Online content marketing can be more effective than conventional methods of advertising.

Although still widely employed, a full page advert in a newspaper is not seen as cost effective and relevant to an audience as the ‘21st century’ method.

The internet is predominantly where people source their news - and therefore, even subliminally, see advertising - and more and more SME’s are taking advantage of this.

Bdaily Business News were recently commissioned by AOL Networks to write a featured article for the website.

AOL were working on behalf of Dassault Systemes to publicise the recent discovery that it is technically feasible to generate drinking water from Atlantic Ocean icebergs.

For a modest fee, a Bdaily journalist researched the project and wrote an article, inputting links back to a video of the project and also to Dassault Systemes.

What this meant for Dassault was three-fold.

Bdaily’s readership is, predominantly, UK based Small and Medium Enterprises. This is precisely the target market for Dassault - potential investors.

Bdaily is regularly top of Google’s search results for such business news. This offered Dassault prime opportunity for awareness and exposure to be generated not only for the project, but for the company as a whole.

Traffic is also generated by including links back to their site, and background information on the project.

Traffic is key to a company’s sales proposition (and also to tout for investment). Traffic potentially generates revenue. Traffic is king!

Of course, great content like this helps Bdaily’s stats grow as well.

Thirdly, a featured article like this can set a tone, give people an insight into the nature, the nuances, of a company and develop an interest and association that will linger for the reader.

This type of content marketing - the creation and sharing of media and publishing content - helps a company acquire customers.

General Electric chief marketing officer Beth Comstock says the company derives 30% extra value for every dollar spent on content marketing.

Companies are increasingly circumventing traditional marketing in favour of content marketing. This is where Bdaily can help!